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Community Round-Up: May 10

Mashiara Sedai
  • Daniel Henney talks about his role as Lan, JordanCONline was a huge success, and some fun WoT Animal Crossing resources.  Oh, and there's memes.

Hello, all!  Welcome back to another Community Round-Up!  Let’s dive right in.


Daniel Henney Q&A on Instagram


Some major news on the Amazon Prime Wheel of Time show, Daniel Henney—who plays Lan Mandragoran—did a Q&A on Instagram this week.  It was amazing to listen to the obvious reverence Daniel has for Lan.  As someone who has loved Lan dearly since I first read the series (my Dragonmount name is Mashiara, so my love for this character should be pretty obvious), I am beyond excited to see Daniel in this role.


The happiness of JordanCONline last month can’t be put into words.  I am so thankful for Jenn and Jimmy Liang, as well as all the JordanCon staff and volunteers who helped put the event together.  It was amazing to spend time with friends and listen to Wheel of Time related discussions.  The highlight, of course, being when Rafe Judkins—the show runner for the Amazon Prime show—joined the WoT on Prime panel.  Rafe, obviously under a non-disclosure agreement, was limited in what he could say.  But he did share plenty of great information that already had the panelists, especially Matt Hatch of The Dusty Wheel, theorizing.  You can read a quick synopsis of Rafe’s Q&A here, or check out all the JordanCONline recorded panels on their YouTube channel.


Dragonmount’s The Wheel of Time Community Show recapped all that happened at JordanCONline!  You can watch Ebony and Thom discuss here!




Along those same lines, JordanCon’s March Madness Fantasy Artifacts brackets came to a close. The ultimate winner was: the Chodean Kal!  Not really a surprise there, in my opinion.  This event was a lot of fun and I’d love to see it happen again next year.


Tor.com’s Sylas K Barrett—who is currently doing his first time read through of the series—highlighted the changes we see from Mat Cauthon as the series progresses.  Sylas is currently on The Shadow Rising, which is where Mat visits Rhuidean and goes through the second doorframe Ter’angreal.  That trip certainly does change him!  But Sylas also points out how the other characters are unable, or unwilling, to see these changes.  It’s a very interesting read!  You can check out all of Sylas’s writings on The Wheel of Time here!


Is anyone play Animal Crossing in their downtime?  I know I am.  And here’s great news, there’s a WoT Animal Crossing Group on Facebook!  You can play with Wheel of Time friends—some of which even have WoT themed islands, clothes, and landscapes. (As mentioned above, I love Lan, so my island is named Malkier.)  You can even find random Animal Crossing things in other WoT spaces.  Christopher posted this in the JordanCon group: his creation of the Wheel and Serpent pattern you can use in the game!




Now onto the memes!






This one I really like because I think Galad will help the Children of the Light become less evil.





And of course everyone is so happy for the new reaction of Facebook!



That's all of this edition.  Don't you think Daniel Henney is going to be amazing as Lan?  Please leave your comments below!

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