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Another Encyclopedia Answer at the Waygate Foundation

Mashiara Sedai

The Waygate Foundation is updating their Facebook page with answers to questions submitted to Team Jordan.  Here's today's entry.



See today’s Q&A Answer below! Topic - Three-for-one! Sword Forms, Olver, and Elayne's double!


Thanks again to everyone who submitted questions for our Team Jordan Q&A during the A Memory of Light tour. We were excited to see the questions, and even more excited to share the answers!


Warning - a lot of these answers contain SPOILERS. Read at your own risk! Each answer has been supplied by Team Jordan, and was written by Maria Simons, continuity editor of the Wheel of Time. Maria and the Team have been very generous with their time, and will provide as many answers as they can.


Q: Will there be any picture-type guides to known Sword-Forms? (Cat Crosses the Courtyard etc)?

A: At this time, there are no plans to include picture guides for the sword forms.


Q: Was Olver actually Gaidal Cain? Follow up: Who was Gaidal Cain?

A: Olver was not Gaidal Cain. Gaidal Cain was a baby/toddler.


Q: Was Elayne's double during the Last Battle Morgase?

A: No.

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Mashiara Sedai


It's been speculated that Gaidal is Jur Grady's son at the Black Tower. I wish they would have confirmed or denied that one too.

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Do pictures for the sword forms actually exist? From this answer, it sounds like they do!!!!

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