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Wheel of Time Companion Preview: Oath Rod

Mashiara Sedai

Tor.com has released another teaser entry to the Wheel of Time Companion, due for publication November 3, 2015.  And the theme this time is the Oath Rod and the Nine Rods of Dominion.


We know from several interviews that the Nine Rods of Dominion were actually governors of the regions—Lews Therin's ability to summon them showing his authority even over the laws and governments of the land.  And, we know that the Rods of Dominion are not linked in anyway to the Oath Rod, which is a binder ter'angreal.  Two very different things, according to interviews Robert Jordan gave in the past, as well as other members of Team Jordan recently. 


Here's one question and answer that is still relevant:


WOTMANIA:  What happens to objects left in Tel'aran'rhiod? Could an Aes Sedai free herself from the Three Oaths in Tel'aran'rhiod by creating an Oath Rod?


ROBERT JORDAN:  The only way for an object to enter Tel'aran'rhiod would be for it to be carried there by someone who entered physically rather than through a dream state. If left there, it would remain until it was retrieved by someone else who entered physically. And, yes, an Aes Sedai could free herself of the Three Oaths with an Oath Rod created in Tel'aran'rhiod, but remember that relatively few sisters actually have access to the World of Dreams, and for those who do want to remove the Three Oaths—sisters joining the Black Ajah—there is the Oath Rod in the White Tower to serve that purpose.


With the leaps and bounds made prior to the Last Battle, many Sisters, and even Novice and Accepted, know how to make ter'angreal.  The possibility of binders being made and used in Tel'aran'rhiod is much higher than before.  Of course, with the Bore sealed again, perhaps the Darkfriends and any Black Ajah members will silently slink away.  


And I always thought this question, and Brandon Sanderson's answer, was interesting because it showed how easily the Oath Rod could be beaten:


QUESTION:  Is Mesaana still in the Tower?


BRANDON SANDERSON:  Egwene makes some deductions about this at the end of the book. Egwene is not incorrect.


QUESTION:  She could swear that she's not a Darkfriend on the Oath Rod, right?


BRANDON SANDERSON:  As long as she believed it to be true. Every remaining Aes Sedai in the Tower has retaken the Three Oaths. You should be thinking about ways to defeat the Oath Rod. There is a way to do it.


A person's perspective on things is so easily swayed—especially to a group of women who have been taught to be evasive in the first place.


I also thought it would be fun to examine fanart of the Oath Rod.  But, I was unable to find very much.  Here's an Oath Rod pendant, made by Dragonmount's own Elaevia for a Wheel of Time craft event in the Tuatha'an Social Group.






Oath Rod Pendant by Elaevia


Even though the Oath Rod is pretty non-existent in fanart, there are several other ter'angreal that make an appearance.  Here is a 3D version of Egwene's Dream ter'angreal.




Tel'aran'hriod Ring v2 by Shrakner


Another 3D representation of the Choedan Kal.




Choedan Kal by CorellaStudios


This is a beautiful work that shows the end of the Time of Illusion.




With the Choedan Kal - Saidar by JaredtheDragon


And here is the archway ter'angreal used to test Accepted.




Terangreal by anonymous


And though not a ter'angreal, I thought this picture of Rand with his angreal to be really impressive.




Rand with angreal by FiF



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