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Tor Releases Amyrlin Information

Mashiara Sedai

egwene By Fee absinthe

Egwene by fee-absinthe


Tor released another expert from The Wheel of Time Companion, this time an in depth entry on sitting Amyrlins.  Some entries are short, others longer and more detailed.  Many are of interest and speak of the secret histories the sisters whisper about throughout the series.


For example, here's a snip-it from the entry for Sereille Bagand:


As Amyrlin, she ran the Tower in many ways as if she still was the Mistress of Novices, and every sister was a novice, or at best Accepted. She expected obedience and no arguments, and she got obedience and no arguments; those who argued soon came to regret it, with the possible exception of Cadsuane Melaidhrin. Claims that even Sitters flinched when she looked at them and broke into tears when she frowned cannot be confirmed, but the fact remains that during her reign, the Hall of the Tower was firmly in her grasp.


When the Hall first tried balking her, she unchaired the entire Hall. The Ajahs then returned the same Sitters, only to have her unchair them immediately. This continued for nearly half a year before the Ajahs realized that for all that time Sereille had been ruling solely by decree and would continue to do so. A full year passed before Sereille allowed a Hall to sit, and by that time the Ajahs had, in desperation, begun choosing women they believed Sereille would accept. By the time she allowed a Hall to sit, every single Sitter was a woman Sereille would accept; in effect, she had chosen her own Hall, and she never had trouble with them again. After Sereille’s death, the Hall passed a law saying that if the entire Hall was unchaired, the new Hall had to sit for ten days before it could be unchaired again.

Tor has been revealing experts from The Companion since June.  If you've missed any of them, now is a good time to catch up!


Besides Companion entries, Tor has also featured many articles relating to different aspects within the series.  There's a fantastic write-up on Aviendha's trip through the ter'angreal in Rhuidean, and an analysis of whether time travel is possible within Randland (both written by the brilliant Chris Lough).


Even though the series may be completed, there's still so much to learn, discuss, and embrace.

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I'm really looking forward to this part. I was reading the one and two star reviews on

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Amazon re: AMoL. Lots of people were disappointed at character or the lack

thereof and so many loose ends. I think the companion is a way to further enlighten the fans on the WoT world, history, cultures, and characters.

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Character development of the lack thereof. I don't know how to edit and it's almost 2am. Goodnight.

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