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With just four more days until the release of Towers of Midnight, the thirteenth and penultimate Wheel of Time book, we thought we'd take a moment before Brandon and Harriet go on tour to recap the highlights of Wheel of Time coverage around the web.


Warning: Others have advised (and we agree) that you should not read the glossary at the back of the book until you have read the entire book. Don't say we didn't warn you, and don't go rushing back there because we said this!


Early Reviews

Need to Get Caught Up?

Want to Get Excited?

Want to Discuss it?

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    Thanks, I thought that I knew about all the pre release stuff, but there is some stuff on this list that I hadn't heard about yet.

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    Thanks for the tip about the glossary. I don't usually go there right away, but you never know. I have been sharing the warning with my friends as well! :biggrin:

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    Darn it, I don't ever think of reading the glossary first. Now I'm going to know there's something juicy back there and will be forced to deal with the temptation to look.


    Sorry, there's always a few flies you can't scratch :rolleyes:

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    @ Random Man, I feel the same way about chapter two. I listened to the prologue AND read chapter one, but I hate feeling like I am getting the book in pieces, so I drew the line. Be Strong!!!! You can doooo it! :moiraine:

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    Read the glossary first. Then you can have an aha! moment after you read the part that in the book that inspired it.

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