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  1. I never thought the "Lion Sword" description of Elayne from Nicola's Foretelling was a very appropriate one, since Elayne didn't have the first clue how to use a sword. So it was entertaining to see her try to kill a Trolloc with one, and also fitting for both the Foretelling and her character's overwheliming desire to emulate her ancestor Modrellein. Birgitte's death and Elayne's almost-forced delivery was definitely Brandon's "GRRM-esque" moment. I can see why he wasn't sure whether to be pleased, mortified or go take a bath. It rivaled Rand's collaring in terms of sheer horror.
  2. 1. There will be no Seanchan invasion of the white Tower. Ebou Dar will be devastated by a shadow spawn attack while Mat is there. He leads the surviving Seanchan out of the city. He brings them to Merilor and the again-homeless Empress, swayed by the presence of three ta'veren, agrees to the Dragon's Peace. 2. Ituralde will be very surprised to find out that people do, indeed travel the Ways. Especially after Rand cleanses them. 3. Isam is the gay character. He is the one who has grown fond of Perrin. 4. Androl and Emarin are gay too and end up together, Androl being the only pe
  3. According to NS, The third greatest rudeness among Aes Sedai is to mention someone's strength in the Power. The second greatest rudeness is failure to defer to someone stronger than you. What's #1 on the list of ways to be rude to a sister? I always postulated it was commenting on her weight.
  4. I'd rather be forced into a relationship with Faile. I'd be free to express my anger and frustration at being in a relationship with her and I would only have to worry about her using a knife on me, not the Power. After all, good ole' domestically violent Saldean family relationships bring everyone closer together apparently. Also, I'd take the place of Thom. He plays his own game in the service of others of his own choosing. Would you rather be transmigrated into a hideous body (a la Graeffalump) or transmigrated into a pretty body of the opposite sex (Aran'gar?)
  5. Same daily doses. Like a good Domani gown, each snippet reveals nothing, yet hints at everything. BTW, why would you rather be 13x13 than compulsed? On book releases, Would you rather: Have the RJ-written conclusion now, and never, ever get the lead-up to it, or have everything but the conclusion now, and wait another five years for the conclusion?
  6. Mat dies hanging from a rope...no wait, Mat dies from a lightning strike...no wait, Mat dies when a wall falls on him...no wait... dagnabit.
  7. Totally rather be Elyas. Put his Aes Sedai in her place for letting her sisters try to gentle him and whatever else they were going to try doing to him. Would you rather Be taken prisoner by M'Hael Or prisoner of Hessalam?
  8. Female Trolloc, according to the BWB they enjoy their lot in life as lil' monster breeding machines. Would you rather see a grolm fight a trolloc or see a raken fight a drakghar?
  9. Actually that way of looking at genetic inheritance is not supported anywhere anymore. It's completely wrong aproach and was deviced before generic inheritance was understood. So you could actually dissregard it compleatly since it has no bearing at all on anything. =) The way genetic inheritance happens is a much more complex procedure. Don't ask me about the chance of one of them being a chaneller though since I have no idea of how you actually should calculate it. As I said, it was an overly simplistic analysis. Don't have time to get into recombination or what have you. Plus I've
  10. Moghedien is tasked with leading a Shadowspawn army. Thinking about how much smarter she is than everyone else, she gathers the descendents of a creation of Aginor's now called Bloodwrasps that are a cross between flesh-eating spider, scorpion and human resembling lots of hands, teeth and fur. (A version of this was killed by Rand in eOtW). Unfortunately, like the Jumara, they are not quite mature, so she tries to make them complete metamorphosis. This is a total disaster and she ends up stuck in a web made of things you don't want to know, suspended high over the valley of Thakan'dar. As Nyna
  11. "Swapped" That word would get about 20% of the community up in a tizzy.
  12. If we were to dismiss the thematic unlikeliness of any of these characters to start channeling and look at the math, Gawyn and Mat would be the strongest cases to make out of the two since they both share a sibling who can channel. That said, knowing that the "channeling gene" is a recessive, even if you were to look at it as a simple pairing of a single gene inherited from the parents: Channeling gene: "c": Dominant "C" inability to channel, recessive "c" ability -- ability to channel manifests with "cc" pairing Two carrier parents: Cc -- Cc Possible offspring gene combinations: CC, Cc
  13. Sea folk. Sounds way less boring. The Dark One probably doesn't even have DSL. Cheapskate. Speaking of Sea Folk, if you were a male channeler pre-cleansing, Would you rather be dropped off the side of the ship with a stone tied around your feet or left without food or water on a desolate island?
  14. Maiden's Kiss. I'm curious to know what Mat isn't telling. Would you rather Be the ruler of Kandor Or the ruler of Illian?
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