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TOWERS OF MIDNIGHT Makes a Strong Debut


TOWERS OF MIDNIGHT, the thirteenth Wheel of Time novel, made a strong debut last week. According a press release posted by Tor/Forge (the US publishers of the series) it was the number one New York Times bestselling hardcover fiction book for it's first week of release. This marks the sixth Wheel of Time novel to debut in the number one spot on this prestigious list.


Additionally, TOWERS OF MIDNIGHT is currently #7 on Amazon's list of best selling books and debuted at #2 in the UK, just behind a new release from John Grisham.




Need to Get Caught Up?


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Warning: Others have advised (and we agree) that you should not read the glossary at the back of the book until you have read the entire book. Don't say we didn't warn you, and don't go rushing back there because we said this!


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Theres a big mistake in TOM! On page 638 Egwene is talking to Gawyn. Then on page 639 Galad name is after the quote Gawyn says. ...Big typo. Hopefully they fix it in the reprint.

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Hello! Not sure where to post this comment, but there are some broken links in the e-book section of this site. I have been trying to get to the LOC e-book art article and it keeps linking back to the main e-book page



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The trailer is nice! Ok Terry GOodkinds' sword of truth got its tv series, then it's George R.R. Martin's turn with his Song of Fire and Ice... So when is the wheel of time due? Say a season or two per book... Or a movie per book...


T'woud be nice!!!!

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I noticed in this video dude says the she killed asmodean? she? he mentioned bella? who is bella? did he Belal????

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