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Tor Reveals AMOL Book Cover Process

Jason Denzel

Tor Books released a fascinating article on Tor.com today which reveals the process by which the hardcover dust jacket (i.e., the book cover) is produced. Tor Art Director Irene Gallo describes:

Last week I visited Coral Graphics to do a press-check for the A Memory of Light jacket sales-proof. A sales-proof is not the final jacket but it’s pretty darn close...

The full article can be read on Tor.com. Head over there to read it, and see a lot of great photos.
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    This is all great and everything, yet what I would really like to hear more about is what is the synopsis or the text on the U.S. edition of AMOL going to say on the dust jacket? I know dragonmount has said that probably it wil be the same as on the orbit edition, and I have to admit that I like the text on the orbit edition!! Any information at all would be appreciated!

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    This is great. I love the pictures. I actually work in a professional printing business and so I understand the process of making these covers pretty well. I work in the bindery department and operate a cutting machine, so if my employer were doing this these sheets would head over to me from the "sheetfed" department for trimming (though they would probably get foil stamped and embossed first). I know that this spiel probably bores everyone but as mundane as my job is it's exciting to see stuff like this.

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    @ashaman73...Where did you see the text on the Orbit edition? would like to read it.

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    To cjlittle: Check out orbit books on google.com and you should be able to find it from there and take a look at the synopsis on the orbit edition! Have fun!

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