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Rand Al  Thor In progress By Lunalalen
© I am not the artist

Rand Al Thor In progress By Lunalalen


I find it amusing that Rand gets drawn topless (if even that much) more then any other male character.


Anyway, I came across this a while back and shared it so I can sorta guess peoples comments. I find it to be a very good attempt at following his description, except for the hair style and lack of eye color. It IS a work-in-progress so maybe the artist will change something.


Some have said he looks like that vampire dude; I haven't seen the movies nor read the books so my vision is less polluted, but from the pictures I've seen, I don't think so.


Some have said this picture is too pretty, but Rand IS described as being very good looking. His physical appeal is perhaps 3rd or 4th most mentioned(of the men) in the books by both women, including some prominent characters, and two men. If he had Galad's coloring I bet they would look a lot alike or perhaps Galad got his fathers face and Rand got their mother's.


© I am not the artist
From the album:

The Dragon Reborn

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I think one of the things I like the most about this picture is that you can get an idea of what his mom might have looked like from that face.

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