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Jagen Halin Portrait March 2018
© DrowElfMorwen

Jagen Halin Portrait March 2018

Latest portrait of my main character :)


I've moved Jagen to DAZ's Genesis 8 Female figure--and wow!! :o

Her Aes Sedai agelessness finally shows! :love: Along with a level of her maturity; Jagen is 190 years old.

About the style: Jagen is from Tarabon, one of the countries in the Wheel of Time universe. Taraboner dresses are described as close-draped, clinging silk (for nobles; they can be other fabrics, of course) with high necks right under the chin, and the fashion of women has them braiding their hair in dozens of tiny braids and sporting a sheer veil across the lower half of the face. Aes Sedai from Tarabon often abandon the veil, but keep their braids (Jagen likes the fashion though).

The Tree of Life features on Tarabon's flag, too, hence the tree on the circlet which holds up her veil.

Lastly, the texture of fabric I used for her shawl, is from the Aes Sedai shawl I had made for me for cosplays!


© DrowElfMorwen
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