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I've never been fully satisfied with any depictions of ogier I've seen so far. it's usually that they're just plain funny looking. So my attempt here was to create a look that was both human and bestial, while meeting the descriptions. But not just the stuff like wide nose and mouth, but a look that would accommodate unique individual descriptions like delicate or dignified or imposing. I don't know if I succeeded here. I like it for now, but in a month I could change my mind.

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Really like these drawings. I don't think I've ever seen someone try to draw a female ogier before, but I really like your depiction of Erith. My only criticism would be that the ear tufts aren't how I picture them - I've always imagined that the hairs are pretty long and fine. But good job anyway!

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Superb! You have created something new for me - a better picture of Loial. I love his human-ness and his smile is captivating. Now he will look less like a hairy ogre in my head :) Thanks

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Guest Prince_of_the_Ravens


I like your depiction better than the advertisement in the back of TSR. Good Job

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Although I like these, I think the descriptions often say when upset Loial tucks his ears right down or stands them up when happy with tufts on the top so quite hairy. Looking at the depictions here I cant see how the ears would move to that extent. I feel they should be bigger or lower on the head perhaps, and as for the mouth again quoted in the books as having a smile that splits the face in half.

As I say mandersen I like them but I think, a little more work needed.

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These are by FAR the best drawings of the Ogiers that I have ever seen! I think they are wonderful. The only two points I woild add would be that Loial's eyes are described as big as teacups and I do agree with the others on the ear tuft point. Maybe you could make them longer. Erith is as near perfect as I could imagine! Elder Haman too. You are an amazing artist!

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