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  1. -Loved Mat riding into battle. Hilarious! -The Lan moments: getting the reforged crown, riding by himself, killing Demandred and surviving. -Birgitte shooting Mellar. Yes! -Noal returning. -Double bonding... That was hilarious :) -Finding Faile alive. I dislike her, but I didn't want Perrin to get completely depressed. -Cadsuane as Amyrlin. I liked most of the book.
  2. I like Androl, and although I thought he did take up more than his fair share of the book, the humour in his character was worth it. He made me laugh and laugh. Without him, I would have been a total mess crying over a lot of the other characters. The Wheel of Time series has taught me that we all need balance. For me, some of the humour and the happy moments, particularly Androl and Pevara moments, helped to balance the darker side of the book. At the moment, I think Androl is receiving a lot of hate. Yes, he took up space in the book! However, he helped clear up quite a few problems, eg. saving Logain, Andor, and getting rid of Taim's cronies. Robert Jordan gave the ideas and general sketch as to whar must happen. Sanderson gave him life, body, heart and soul. I wish many more characters had had their say as well, especially Moraine, but if that was the case, I guess A Memory of Light would be split into four books, which would be ridiculous.
  3. Empress Tuon


    Love the beard
  4. Empress Tuon


    Very nice, but doesn't Moraine have ringlets? Just a thought.
  5. Empress Tuon

    Mat & Tuon

    Love the expression on Tuon's face.. Very calculating.
  6. Empress Tuon


    Beautiful yet creepy :)
  7. Empress Tuon


    Perfect, could tell straight away that it was Lanfear!
  8. Empress Tuon


    Very good, I love Loial! Erith wasn't quite what I was expecting though. Please do more on the ogier!
  9. All very nice artistic representations :)
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