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Funny you ask, I happen to have a fun month planned for February. There would have been one this week, but due to a late submission, kind of a flubber on my part, it will instead be debuted next week. I'm really sorry for how sketchy the theory blog's presence has been lately, but unfortunately I've been extremely busy lately with the holiday season, and my band getting really busy again, and some of the cage match write-ups as well. Anyways, I plan on coming back with a bang, and have 4 straight themed blogs for the month of February (and spilling into the first week of March) and still have a few stored up in the pipeline that should be good.


Also I'm really happy you enjoy the theory blog feature, and have come to enjoy other features of the site as well! There's definitely a lot of fun stuff to do on the site, and if you haven't gotten a formal welcome from someone from the Black Tower... then someone better suited for welcomes should come forth and give you one lol.

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