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Using Portals to create Weapons of Mass Destruction

Guest nirthfurzahad

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Guest nirthfurzahad

Hello Board.


I'm a huge fan of Wheel of Time, and I get that in Fantasy you don't have to respect laws of physics, so it's more of a joke post. Or maybe an idea for a weapon for future authors. Anyways - here are my thought on creating weapon of mass destruction with portals:


Generally we need 1 Vacuum tube, made of glass. 1 iron chunk.

1) Put (teleport) chunk in sealed tube.

2) Position tube verticaly.

3) Open two waygates that "close on each other":


4) Wait for couple of weeks, for chunk to accelerate.

5) Drop tube somewhere in a city you want to devastate, and run away.

6) Wait till your waygates-weave loose up.

7) No more city.


Granted, with use of Magnets, it's possible to accelarate Iron chunks even faster, but that's requires knowledge of electromagnetism.

Aditionally "cannon" like structure can be constructed, this way you can shoot things from a facility, let's call it LICA (Large Iron Chunk Accelerator):



Anyways, that's what always bugged me in Fantasy (and some Sci-Fi) stories where portal-gates are possible. Portals can be used in so much ways, beyond simple transportation. Alternatively - it can be used to generate power, by allowing water simply fall indefinitely.

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:thumbsup: simply Brilliant!


I like it. I like it a lot. (The Vacuum is to allow the iron to accelerate indefinitely from gravity without being slowed by friction, yes?)


Get one of these going, and you could devastate a city with a tube, two gates and a fist-sized chunk of iron. Awesome.

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