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"Justice" Quotation help

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Hi all, brand spanking new member and it's for good reason. Promised myself I wouldn't join until after finishing series but on Path of Daggers at present.


Basically I remember a quote along the lines of:


"It is easy to deal/hand out justice but not so easy to take it back"


It's along those lines and very Profound.  I feel Perrin was involved amd it was in the last few books. Anyone with a fantastic memory that can help me out!


Many thanks


David in Scotland



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The only distinct quote I remember is the one from Nynaeve about how men often mistake vengence for justice, and how as Wisdom her role was to hand out true justice.


Try typing justice into ideal seek which is listed in the online resources (in the thread stuck at the top of the board). You can also use small sentences.

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