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Approved WY bio for Alan Keldar- CC'd


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Character’s name:  Alan Keldar


Age (must be 16 - 21): 19


Place of Origin (must be from the mainland of Randland): Kandor


Hair Color: Blond


Eye Color: Icy blue


Height: 6'3


Weight: 167


Brief History: Alan was a boy born in Kandor with his father, a simple warrior in Kandor.  He was raised without a mother, or atleast he never remembered having one.  They both lived in the market village of Ravinda.  His father was rather busy, too.  Having to go on guard and take part in frequent patrols to ensure Trollocs and other Shadowspawn were not nearby made Alan expect the worst to come at any point.  He grew up learning to be cautious, and expect anything to go terribly wrong.  Countless times, Alan would hear of and see the effect of violence brought by the Shadowspawn.  Only time could tell when Alan's father would be one of the next to see peace.


Alan lived a bit more of a peaceful life compared to his father, making sure their small land they owned was kept in shape.  Being a boy who would have to look after himself while his father was gone, he would be taught how to use a small knife his father had given him for defense.  He also started to do labour for merchants and traders.  Gaining extra coin helped in the cost of living.


By the time he was 14, attacks on the Borderlands were getting more and more severe.  It seemed like the Shadowspawn were getting restless.  Things were getting worse.  Alan's father decided to start teaching him the basics to a sword.  How to hold it, all of the easier things getting done first.


Sadly, his lessons were never finished.  His father left for a recent attack in the Northern reaches of Kandor.  Left at home, Alan waited for his return.  It never came.


Alan became a drunk and tried taking his sorrows away by drowning his thoughts in alcohol.  It never worked, and for years he was seen as a lost boy in the eyes of the other Kandori people.  To Alan, nothing seemed to help him get over his only known family member's death.  He grieved for far too long and couldn't get over it.


His few years of sulking drifted away, though, when the Trolloc army attacked in a heavier push than what was usual.  Word of the more severe attacks reached Alan, and he realized he had a calling.  His  father had not died in vain; countless people South of the Borderlands were living a far more peaceful life, and had no clue what the Kandori and other North countries sacrificed to protect everyone.  He decided he would avenge his father's death, and follow in his footsteps by fighting the creatures who came from the Blight.


That brought him to the Tower, a renowned city and stronghold that housed not only the Power-wielding Aes Sedai, but the Warders and the Tower Guard.  Some of the deadliest soldiers were trained from this place, battling for mankind's struggle against the Shadow.  Alan could have joined the Kandori army to fight the Shadow, but he wanted to perfect his skills.  He wanted to be as best as he could to prove that the Keldars were not push-overs.  He would have revenge.


Bio Checker note: I mentioned that I didn't think a drinking issue would vanish just like that *snap* but it could be a character development thing through out RPing  -Eqwina

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The idea of a 14 year old becoming a drunk is.... difficult for me to wrap my head around, but that's largely because of the legally imposed drinking age and my societal mindset. So suffice to say that's not actually an issue.


As for the drinking problem disappearing, I would have to agree with Eqwina, it wouldn't just disappear. In fact, it would stay with your character for most if not all of his life. (this doesn't mean he would continue drinking, but he would always be tempted to turn to alcohol in response to problems.) So I'm giving you a CC on the condition that the character continue his struggle with alcohol.

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Ya, I understand that.  I really had to skim through details and not take as much time to develop him due to going on a 2-week trip the day after I wrote that.  I just got back, so thanks for the approval.   ;D


Also, I'm totally fine with the fact that he will be tempted with alcohol, I might've forgotten to put that in.  But yes, I'm okay with any of those changes.


Remember that a teenager in the past has often been thought as an adult (the age expectancy wasn't so big, so you probably began your life's work a bit earlier).  Not always, but it hasn't been a uncommon thing.  I just figured it'd make sense to make it look the same way for a fantasy RP.  Maybe it'd be different this, maybe not.  I'll let you decide on that.


Once again, thank you for the approval.  Just got back from my trip, and I'm glad to see my bio wasn't as horribly written as I thought it might've been...   :D



[if I'm not supposed to post here - I have no idea - then delete this.  Sorry if I'm not supposed to.  Just thanking you guys and all that.]

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