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Nyneave as Wisdom


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14 hours ago, JenaVi said:

Nynaeve makes a great Queen for Malkier imo because they are respectful to authority, unlike Two Rivers or Emond's Field folk. She is kind of a warrior. It's ok for men to be gruff and take no shit from people, but because Nynaeve is a woman she has to be soft and kind? Egwene wasn't soft and kind, she was arrogant and selfish. Nynaeve and Egwene are not like Perrin. Egwene rose to leadership by gaining acceptance of the other Aes Sedai... Nynaeve doesn't care about gaining anyone's acceptance. So much so that she'd choose Lan over being Aes Sedai. Not many people are like Perrin btw. Perhaps not anyone. All of our leaders are kind of aholes except Perrin and Elayne.

It is very possible she would make a good queen of Malkier - if she learns from her previous experiences. But alas, we shall never know…

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On 8/17/2022 at 10:57 PM, JenaVi said:

Not all leaders are liked or make friends with people. Some people lead with an iron fist, which is early Nynaeve, thanks to the stubborn people she dealt with in Emond's Field. Nynaeve has had leadership skills the whole series. It was Nynaeve, as early as book 2, that leads the rescue of Egwene. It's also mentioned she's good at politics... when it matters. She just doesn't care to be patient with people. She is rough with others and herself. Over the series, she learns to accept herself and others, which turns her into a better leader, but I bet she still brooks no non-sense. 


Nynaeve is smart, decisive, quick to see what needs to be done and take control of the situation.  She is absolutely terrible at sharing control or decision making with anyone else, however, disinclined to listen to anyone else's point of view or suggestions.  And she has a foul temper and lashes out at those she considers foolish, (mostly men - "man-brained" is one of her insults).  E.G. The series starts with her interrupting the Village Council who are discussing Padan Fain's news, turfing Thom out of The Winepring Inn Common room under threat of violence and with the young Emond Fielders reminiscing about when she actually hit Cenn Buie, a member of the Village Council, over the head when he annoyed her. 


No one else in Emond's Field acts like this.  The Village Council - Bran al'Vere, Tam al'Thor, Harral Luhan - are all laid back easy going types and The Women's Circle - Marin al'Vere, Alsbet Luhan - seem simple, kind and peaceable country folk.  There's no need for petty tyrants or skullthumpers in The Two Rivers to get things done or keep people in line.  Nynaeve is just Nynaeve.


She's actually at her best when she doesn't have to work with anyone and doesn't have responsibility over other people, that's what gets her growling and shouting and tugging her braid.  Top moments for Nynaeve are dueling and capturing Moghedien, healing Logain, Siuan and Leane, - moments of huge importance but where she can either act alone or where she is acting in conjunction with an equal rather than leading or commanding people. 


Egwene is the one who becomes a highly effective leader because she was willing to learn.  Elayne, too, but she has been raised for command.  Perrin develops into a pretty good leader once he overcomes his reluctance to lead and can see beyond his love of Faile.  Mat becomes a charismatic general soldiers are queueing up to follow (success does bear fruit).  Nynaeve actually seems better when she's not in a leadership position and can just do her own thing and to realise this as the series goes on.  That's how I took it at any rate.

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