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Sephi Vardin

The Void: Wheel of time tabletop

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Well, my wheel of time game uses ideas from the offical game (the campaign included in the book), and from a fan made one based on D&D 5 (for classes and races) but all mixed with a homebrew system of my own. Also, my players know nothing about wheel of time, so I have had to teach them some things as we play.

But it is the Void. Void is...a different kind of tabletop game.

The Void isn’t like most tabletop games. It can change and evolve over time, into many things.

Jessica is the character I’ve used since it began, and I’ve had many players come and go since it began. Essentially, the way the game goes is that the character you use, can travel to many worlds and can keep all memories they’ve had so far, from campaign and setting to campaign and setting. We’ve done Star Wars Saga Edition, D&D 3.5, D&D 4, D&d 5, a superhero setting, and D20 Future and now the setting is set in the wheel of time world. Like in each setting, they keep all their memories of the past worlds they have gone to- but they gain a new body each time to fit the world they are in, often times (but not always) with that body having a history of it’s own that they gradually regain memories for (so they aren’t fully aware of their own history themselves- at least not for their new body). A selfish and childish diety called “the Void” doing this to them for his own amusement each time they travel to a new world..so they kind of like an Izakai anime.

I play during my own campaigns that I host as the void. Jessica is just as trapped as the other players, as my character. While my GM persona is the Void itself, who rarely directly speaks to anyone and is usually hands off.

My character, Jessica Vardin in wheel of time is a Aes Sedai of the Blue Ajah. Full Shawl. It’s a funny situation for her because in past games she was a Barbarian during D&D settings and in the star wars setting she was Mandolorian who learned to be a Jedi under Revan during the Mandolorian Wars, and was prone to losing her temper and enjoying combat too much- though she was starting to mellow out significantly. Her new body has it’s origins in Andor, specifically the capital Camelyn, but she doesn’t know much else about herself.

The next player character- Arden- is her warder. His body is also from Andor- Camelyn. Prior to this, he somehow kept his Green Lantern powers from the super hero setting in the star wars setting, but now in the wheel of time world he has lost those abilities to fit the world of wheel of time. He wears chain mail and plate armor and has a long sword.

Next player character- Mateo was always a talking wolf in past games, now he is an ogier and a theif catcher with his new body. He is prone to speaking in a very slow motion manner- not because he has to, but because the other player character’s don’t know that Ogiers don’t have to do so, so he’s just messing with them.

Next player character- Haythem was a master negotiator in the star wars setting, but now he is a blade master from Illian who has spent some time in the blight. He doesn’t yet know that he can channel.

Cleo was the only PC who actually LIKED the Void Deity- making her somewhat unpopular with Jessica especially but considered strange by the other players as well. She was usually a mage. Her new body is a female gleeman who has a cloak as a family heirloom from her dying mother (it belonged to her father, also a gleeman, and her father’s father) so she didn’t want to give it up during the campaign I used out of the wheel of time book with Fain. She is also a novice who ran away from the tower- she had gone to the tower to learn healing as she wished she could have saved her mother from death. (She is currently an orphan) Her body is from Cairhien. Jessica sedai is how she even came to the tower and she does not know why her body ran away.

I am hesitant to keep using the campaigns made for us... I want to do my own thing. Anyone have campaign suggestions for us?

We ended the prebuilt campaign in the ways. I added a brief cameo from thom early in the campaign. (Mateo and Haythem were in Camelyn...Jessica, Arden and Cleo were at the tower..then we skipped ahead by about a week and did the prebuilt campaign, where Logain looked at us knowingly from inside his cage.)

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