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The 4th Age Podcast – Episode 69 - Listener Voicemails, Part 2

Guest Virginia


The podcasters respond to listener voicemails, Part 2. This is the second of three voicemail episodes. Because we re-recorded part 1 due to insurmountable technical issues, there are a few continuity problems, for which we apologize.


We truly thank everyone who took the time to call in a voicemail and also to email us here at the podcast with your thoughts and ideas. We value your input and it will help make the podcast better and more interesting for all of us who love the Wheel of Time.


Alert! There is an inadvertent spoiler for Brandon Sanderson's Mistborn series in this episode. Our apologies - this one slipped by us!


A big THANK YOU to our editor Chad who worked on this episode.


Andrew G, Virginia and Spencer are your hosts for this episode.


We have also been remiss in not recently thanking the talented author of our 4th Age music, Josh Needleman. His website is at www.myspace.com/joshneedleman. It's title is Floodgate. Thanks, Josh! Somehow, that information was "lost" until recently. Hey, if the Aes Sedai could forget how to Travel after the Breaking, perhaps there is some excuse for mere podcasters.

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re mat's memories from the finn - while the podcast's been down, i've been looking at other places like theoryland. they have a collection of RJ interviews, and other stuff. there's a bunch of stuff on the finn, and apparently RJ said a few times that the memories weren't mat's, they were from other adventurers who'd gone through finnland. he actually commented pretty definitively on a lot of things argued about here, and other stuff i've wondered about forever.


theoryland's a really cool resource that i avoided until recently for no good reason except i thought i was too stupid for it. and maybe i am, but it's still a neat place. (and they have a lovely color theme :))

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