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Greg is back. Also... JordanCon

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Many of you became very familiar with an almost-member of our family, The Armorer, USMC Colonel Greg Kitchens. Though a reserve officer, Greg felt the calling to return to active service and did that in 2008. He was subsequently deployed in support of our missions in the Middle East. I asked specifics and he gave me the old "I can tell you but..." line. When a Marine weapons instructor says that, you stop asking. I thought you all (yes I am from Charleston and I didn't say y'all), would like to hear that Greg is safely back on U.S. soil. I've included two of my favorite photos that he sent me during his time in the Sand Box. In one, Colonel Kitchens stands with a long-time friend and his hand-to-hand instructor, Sergeant Smith. The other picture shows our Armorer moving through the desert on a most unorthodox military conveyance. I hope that you will join me in welcoming Greg home and giving him a big thank you for his service. Well done Colonel! Ooh-rah!


Click to enlarge either photo.


P.S. Shameless Plug for JordanCon 2010


Last year Jennifer Liang organized and ran the first annual JordanCon. For those WOT fans who attended it turned out to be much more than a convention, it was in fact a family reunion. You've seen the photos and read the reports, so you know the impact it had on those who attended. The 2nd Con is schedule for 23-35 April 2010 near Atlanta. I'll be there with my forever-wife Janet and our daughter Marisa (she wears blue, but I swear she's a green). I look forward to reconnecting with old friends and making new ones. You can find out information about JordanCon 2010 here






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Wilson, holding a photo of Robert Jordan. His daughter Marisa can be seen behind him.

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