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Some News...

Guest Wilson


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RJ has dropped a ton of water weight, over 30 pounds. He's feeling much better as a result. Earlier this week he and Harriet made one of their many trips to his doctors and were pleased that he was able to negotiate all of the walking without rest or assistance. You'll recall his description of his first attempt to mosey around the block with me a while back. We made it more than half way, and may have gone further save the sun getting to us both. Harriet reports that his appetite is also improving.


Their sense of humor never dims. We were chatting on Wednesday about both our hair growth. Harriet announced that RJ had hair "all over his head". He corrected that it was only growing down to his eyebrows. We laughed about having to learn the wolf man dance. RJ said that he was spending time lurking in the bushes in front of the house lunging at unsuspecting tourists. So should you be sight seeing in Charleston, you've been warned.


To SJP, Elseby, Ray and Damien: Thanks for your service guys. Be safe.


To Kristen: Lost it, but you kept on fishing, atta girl! Ask RJ about the day we spent fishing with my cousin, his then 9 year old nephew and were both skunked. As I recall the score was Jim III three pretty good sized sharks, RJ and Wilson zero.


I know there is trifling little news in this update. But find comfort in the fact that things are still very positive. Your continued support is very important. RJ and Harriet are weary from the fight and have much more ahead. Your words of encouragement, advise, humor and well wishing help lighten their load. Thank you all.



Brother-Cousin, 4th of 3


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It's great to see "real" family reading and posting as well. Good to know RJ has a great support system other than those of us out here sending good thoughts his way long distance. Keep up the fight, RJ, you're on the winning team for sure! And Wilson, thank you so much for keeping us informed.



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Guest fabrizio ridolfi


Gretings from Italy.


I wish all the best to RJ, and hope to see him soon dancing again the spears with his word-processor.


Get well soon.


In bocca al lupo.

("in the mouth of the wolf": an Italian way to wish good luck: you should answer "crepi il lupo" to that, meaning "crack the wolf". We won't tell Perrin, in any case... :) )


Fabrizio Ridolfi, Roma.

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Guest Melanie


Yea Jim III but you better watch it...if your 19 year old nephew goes with you HE usually skunks everyone fishing..so next time look out or your elder nephew might skunk YOU> GRin.


Your sister Melanie

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Its great to hear RJ is doing so well! Thanks for the update Wilson, and for all you do for the Dragon. Its so good to know RJ is surrounded by such an awesome family! You guys rock!



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Guest Takoren


I laughed uproariously when I read about RJ's new...er...passtime, shall we say! RJ, if I'm vacationing down there and you lunge at me, you'd better be prepared to sign your name to twelve books and tell me just exactly how much more of the thirteenth you have left to write!


Seriously, I'm really glad to hear how well RJ is doing and I continue to pray that all the news you all hear is good news.


Here's to AMOL being published no later than Christmas '07! (I can dream, right?)

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So glad to hear positive updates. It may not seem like much, but every little bit adds up to the big picture. Thanks for updating Wilson!

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Guest Christopher Christian


I just wanted to add one more sounding of blessings and good wishes. Remind RJ to keep his heart open to the positive energy we are all sending his way. There are more of us out here willing him to health than he could know - and he certainly deserves it for all of the magic, joy, and wonder he has bought to us! Joy, Light, Love, and Laughter to RJ, to his wonderful wife, and to all of his family, who are surely feeling keenly the pain of his illness.

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Guest Quentin


Just wanted RJ to know that he has a fan from Arkansas that thinks about him and Harriet everyday. Keep up the good fight. I absolutely love your series. I didn't read much until my girlfriend's dad asked what i liked to read. I mentioned the Lord of the Rings and he handed me the EOTW. I was 16 then, and i can honestly say that I have not stopped reading since that time. I love books so much that I now manage a book store. I attribute that to you Mr. Jordan, your books were so wonderfully detailed and colorful that they opened up a whole new world for me. Thank you and God bless.



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