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Call for web designers

Guest Jason


Although this isn't directly related to The Wheel of Time, I wanted this call to go out as many people as possible to take advantage of the wide diversity of fan skill sets out there.



Dragonmount.com is currently in the early stages of a major site overhaul. For nearly 12 years we have existed by using our own homebrewed HTML and design. While the site has never been unpleasant to visit (I hope!), it could use the touch of a professional designer with experience in crafting dynamic web site experiences. Therefore, we are inviting professional web designers to submit quotes for this job. A list of the requested services is as follows:


  • Design a clean, consistent, and familiar look-and-feel for the entire web site based on flexible guidelines
  • Develop PHP templates for each section of our website to be consistent with this new look
  • Develop matching themes (with artwork) for multiple web applications such as Wordpress, MyBB, Coppermine, ZenCart, Amazon aStore, as well as possibly Drupal, MediaWiki, and a unique third-party application still in development
  • Work with specific artists we've chosen to incorporate various WoT-themed art into the design
  • Develop and help implement a mobile version of the website


About our site

Dragonmount.com is self-hosted on a collection of dedicated Linux servers. We have a volunteer staff which maintains these servers and will continue to do so. While we can (and will) apply routine updates and patches to software applications, we would prefer if the vendor we select (you) would be available to do semi-annual upgrades or future feature enhancements.



The deadline for quotes is February 28th. We would like to have the new site implemented and live to the public by Fall of this year (September / October timeframe) at the latest.



Negotiable. Please include a quote for both the site redesign, as well as potential semi-annual updates. Email webmaster@dragonmount.com for ball-park figures on our budget.




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