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Happy Birthday, Robert Jordan

Guest Jason


Wednesday, October 17th would have been James Rigney (aka Robert Jordan)'s 59th birthday.

There are several upcoming events (including several today) where you can get together at local book stores to meet up with fans and discuss Robert Jordan, his life, The Wheel of Time and anything else. Click here for more info on those events.

Happy Birthday, RJ. We miss you.


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I never met him but he has been a friend of mine for years. We all share a special bond created by this great man. I hope you all continue to enjoy the books over and over again as I plan to.

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Guest Brian K. Wetzel


I had been frustrated waiting for the 12th book. I just found this site looking for any info on it. I am so profoundly sad for all. I didn't even know his real name until I saw that he had passed. I just found that we shared the same B-day 20 yrs apart. I wish I could have / would have let him know how much WoT meant to me & done something to encourage his fight. Life is preciouse & family even more so. WoT has always felt to me like part of my litterary family, as with most of his fans. He had been a part of our lives for many yrs. Thank you Jim for helping us escape to be with our epic loved ones. We lost my mother & mother in-law in the last yr & 1/2. I understand and truly empathize with Jim's family. Please know that he is in good company. Thay are all tremendously missed & thought of with fond memories every day.


The wheel does stop from time to time to let a true hero get off and rest.


Brian Wetzel

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I also just learned of your death. Your family has my sincere sympathy.


You are by fare the best author I have ever had the pleasure to read. Happy B-day werever you are.


May you, and your family always be protected by the creater, and sheltered in his palm..

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Guest Gian Marco Babini


I just learn about you dead.

I live in Italy, I'm really sorry to have missed the possibility to meet you.

I'm sure we will have the opportunity to meet in our next reincarnation.

Goodbye, my dear friend, I wish you a new wonderfull voyage!




Gian Marco

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