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  1. Mat has been killed, Fatally wounded, was clinically dead, and crushed under a building, he only survived because of balefire, the fact that rand knew cpr. And in your view the fact that a Dying maiden of the spear had a bad angle when she tried to stab him he's invincible. I think your problem is your putting the aiel on a bit of a pedestal. She was dying so didn’t have the strength to avoid the foxhead.
  2. My feeling always been it's just him being Ta'veren. A guy breaking his neck by triping while a kid falls out of a multistory building without a scratch is not uncommon around the superboys. The diffence is Mat is the one who makes use out of it the most. We never seen Perrin or Rand play dice, they could be just as lucky. Basically Mat isn't a gambler because he lucky. He lucky because he gambles.
  3. I been a long time reader I think since middle school I'm now 28 so over a decade and a half. It's a fun series that living in florida I get that little extra bit of enjoyment from. One aspect I'm sure WoT fans will enjoy is character reuse. Minor characters from one book will get some screen time a few books later, and then bam 10 years later they are the new main character or perhaps their children show up. If I had to suggest one to dip your toe in with it would be Ogre, Ogre. I always enjoyed it, and most people seem to really like it. It's got a intersting viewpoint and unusually serious plot yet still the xanth fun, It's also the point when puns start becoming a big part of the story, if you have trouble with them at the point you won't be able to stand some of the later stuff.
  4. If I may be serious ever since I read Lord of Chaos I have a had a simple theory. Remember when Taim threw out the Black Tower's swordmaster since he thought it was useless? Ever since then I had a feeling that he be killed by a sword. A simple normal everyday sword. Maybe by a channeler, maybe by a someone who just in the right place at the right time. Just something I think would make me smile.
  5. Thing is all those traits are pretty common,. Rand for example fits the bill. If anything I would call those signs of leadership. If you want to change the world or protect people then you need power, and more power than those going agianst you. And half of leading is making people think they want what you want.
  6. She already decided what her foretellings meant before having them. Either Something good happened purely because of her, or something bad due to the actions of someone else. If she foresaw a small army beating one three times it size then clearly it was all due to her giving them a very inspirational speech.
  7. Not my favorite, but enjoyable. Personally I rather have seen Tam's story. But hey as said the more WoT the better.
  8. The band has *specialists (Map makers, engineers and one kick ass horse thief) *More types of troops, Infantry, Calvary, and crossbowmen. *Access to the best tech (Explosives and rapid-fire crossbows) I'm not saying they would beat the Aiel, but they give Mat options. The Aiel are without a doubt the best Light Infantry in the world, but that can also limit them.
  9. Considering Rand's final plan is still basically 1. Break the seals 2. ????? 3. Victory Would he be able to build the force big enough, soon enough? Most leaders look for something a bit more solid before committing an army.
  10. After he already had an army at the gates to deal with the illian forces. Rand and the Asha'men were basically at assassination squad. Your talking Sending an army into the city. If they did send 200 damane in then what could the army do, but incease the casulaty list. Should she convince every world leader that a seanchan army will run out of their closet in the middle of the night? She has no proof they have channelling, no reason to think they will open another battlefront, and a much bigger problem to deal with. Why bring it up? Expect Nyneave doesn't know Rand is sane. Yes he acting more like himself, but after gathering storm that's not saying much he could have a bad swing any moment and blow up his own throne room. All she knows is she can't remove the Taint. She is keeping her mind open. She giving him the benfit of the doubt, that he asking for her to stop her. That's more then anyone else in the Tower willing to give him. More then anyone can be expected to give her. No she's opposed because she doesn't want the world to end.
  11. Doing the unexpected is good, but not when it's stupid. There a reason Rand didn't use a gateway to send his army into the middle of illidan or seanchan territory. a 5% chance of the seanchan deciding to invade vs a 100% chance of the dark one taking over. Rand has been channeling for over 2 years, Men have gone insane in months, even weeks. She has to assume he's half mad at this point. And frankly telling people he has a dead man memories is not what I would go a vote for sane department. Gut instinct? We been told that breaking the seals is game over since the eye of the world. Your expecting her to believe Rand's gut instinct because he says he can remember a dead man's life. And as I said in other threads protecting the seals in not only in her job description, it's job title. You know, Keeper of the flame, Watcher of the Seals.
  12. A 60% chance is pretty good, but it’s not 100%. And it still no chance at all that they would attack Tear. Who would invade a country where if you win you probably get killed by the 4 countries surrounding you. In fact the only place the Seanchan are likely to use traveling to attack is … the White Tower. She putting herself at risk not Darlin. I fail to see the difference between sounding insane, and saying something insane, but sounding sane. He Just committed mass murder a week before they met. And when the best proof anyone can offer is Nyneave can’t remove the taint from him it’s not a good sign. Plus Nyneave and with the Wise Ones agree with her. If my friend told me the only way to stop terrorism was to set off a nuclear warhead in the middle of New York City are you saying it’s not right to check him into a Asylum?
  13. As far as she knows he's going INSANE! She believes in him enough that she feels he was asking for help. And once again RAND WANTS HER TO DO THIS! She's making her job easier. Thank you for reading my full post, but can I point out How can she lie about what she doesn't know? I was talking about the guy from Illian.
  14. I don't really see any real lies. Andor is a cushion nation. As long as a threat comes from the north then Andor stands between Tear and it. And were talking about an end of the World army of shadowspawn. I deal with the seanchan any day. She trying to pressure him into NOT HANDING OVER THE WORLD ON A SILVER PLATTER! And Rand wants her to do this. He pretty much manipulated her into doing this. The seanchan are pretty fast, but not that fast. How are they going decide to move out, take over Illian, test for channelers, and move in on tear before they move before their forces return. Perhaps because she doesn’t know. As far as she knows they were able to shoot down the kidnappers, what was the chances of one of three people who knows how to travel in the tower being caught. He pretty much is intimidated though. In case you haven’t noticed Rand terrifies 90% of the world. Other then that silver platter, etc etc. When it’s the world or a single nation some sacrifice needs to be made. Rand has announced that he doing the one thing team evil has wanted since book 1. She would be a idiot not to pull out all the stops.
  15. Personally I say at least skim it.
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