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  1. POV has been confirmed to be Demandred and some things he's been up to.
  2. In the end, I've decided that because 'it's 5 o'clock somewhere', I'll go ahead and post my review, reactions and an interview for A Memory of Light. Non-spoiler review Very spoilery reactions (short) interview with Brandon Sanderson - warning: contains spoilers
  3. In the end, I've decided that because 'it's 5 o'clock somewhere', I'll go ahead and post my review, reactions and an interview for A Memory of Light. Non-spoiler review I also have a post of spoiler reactions and a short interview with Brandon Sanderson that contains a number of spoilers - the links are not included to honor the intent of this forum.
  4. one of the major points of the past 2 books has been that nothing is inevitable, not even prophesy. You even see it in Min's visions as she starts to see possibilities rather than certainties.
  5. I really had to laugh (although quite bitter) Even though I have loved WoT since early 2000, it's unfortunately quite inferior compared to an epic like The Crippled God. It has nothing of its sheer brilliance. I love Malazan and I love WOT. I loved WOT first. It has a huge nostalgia factor with me and I've re-read countless times (switched to audio re-'reads' about 4 years ago). On an emotional level, the level of a series that I've been reading for almost 20 years, AMOL and WOT end better. On a more 'rational' level, appreciating the shear brilliant audacity that is Malazan, it's ending is superior. But they are also very different series.
  6. It's fun - most of course a way off. And another thing is that a good many of them really wouldn't be worth considering if they weren't Memories. I didn't start reading the Memories until I was well into the book - some of the early ones I simply don't remember. Or some of the ones just now being released were scenes that I didn't really make note of while reading.
  7. My review will go up on the 8th - probably at 12am EST. Tor asked that I not post one earlier and asked that I not reveal spoilers before the 8th, and that's what I'll do. I know of several other bloggers who got copies early like I did. I also know that several of them have not read far enough in the series yet to do a review right away. Sort of a waste I suppose, but then I think there is a pretty small list of bloggers who Tor trusts to stand by the embargo request (as mentioned above, they've been burned by bloggers in the past). Don't worry, I imaginet that in the next week or so people will start getting early copies through the usual means - bookstores releasing earlier than they should, early shipping, employees sneaking a peek, etc.
  8. hmmm...lots of great small scenes in this. But I'll go with Rand admitting he loves the three - and Nynaeve's reaction to it.
  9. My review of Towers of Midnight is live. It has some mild spoilers, but I mark them clearly. An excerpt: (full review)
  10. Deadsy, I assure that it's not a fake spoiler, but it's as far as I'm willing to go before the 2nd since I did give my word to Tor. But, plenty of others out there have read it by now and can expand. Now, I do stand behind the idea of this being a spoiler thread that really contains nothing but silly spoilers.
  11. Have you ever wondered just what easing the badger means? In Ch. 44 the badger is eased.
  12. Here are a group of 10 questions (the combined number allowed between DM and Theoryland) that I have also proposed over at Theoryland. The strategy is to drill down its location by elimating large areas of posibility. I think that is the correct strategy - eliminate enough that you are left with a small enough area to attack it. Is it located in the northern hemisphere? Is it located in the western hemisphere? (beware of wiggle room since Ireland is technically in the western hemisphere) Is it located in country with a population greater than 40 million? Is it located in a region where English is the predominate language? Is it located in a city with a population greater than 500,000? Is it located in an airport? Is it located within 20 miles of an airport that Lufthansa airlines flies to? Is located within 25 miles of coastline on a body of salt water? Is it located with 300 meters of a train/subway/tram station? Is it located in bookstore with more than 5 locations? (honestly, this question may be better left at: is it located in a bookstore - the other questions should narrow things down enough that we don't really need to know if it's a chain or not) Thoughts?
  13. Ooo, I get to be first. It's midnight now, so I can finally post the review. My review of TGS.
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