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  1. Was it really???? I wish I had my books with me I have to wait until I get home. III could be mistaken for 111. Not sure if that means anything. Maybe the binders were made in pairs.
  2. Finally got it! After hanging out in the city since this morning waiting for delivery I got it from A&R at the corner of Collins and Queen. I am now 'working at home' for the rest of the day. shhhh don't tell my boss. hehehehe
  3. Scheduled a meeting in Melbourne CBD this morning just so I could pick it up first thing. I'll have it in my hands within an hour! Unfortunately I then have to come back and work. Wonder if anyone would fall for the old 'I caught the swine flu excuse'. I could then be quarantined for a few days whilst I read in peace.
  4. Sorry to the person above that asked which book. I'm at work so can't look it up. It's not the joke that's funny it's the Maidens' reactions and Rand's reaction to their reaction.
  5. Way back in The Dragon Reborn. When Perrin and Loial are fishing with their hands. Moiraine decides to join in and pulls out the biggest fish ever. Perrin tells her that there won't be anymore and she pulls out another. That one makes me giggle everytime. I also love the scene when Rand tells his Maiden body guards the joke about the rooster up the tree. First time I read it I remember actually laughing out loud.
  6. I love Uno! It's too funny when Nynaeve has to relent and let him curse every second sentence. 'Flaming sons of motherless goats.'
  7. A Wonder Boy exasperates at how he doesn’t understand women as a Wonder Girl sniffs.
  8. Thanks! This is an interesting thought Egeanin had. I can't believe I've missed it over and over again. I always thought that Ishamael had a hand in sending the corrupted Prophecies to Seanchan. It would be very easy for him to have a hand in corrupting history as well since Hawkwings people would already be predisposed to hate Aes Sedai.
  9. Hi everyone, My habit has been to do a complete re-read before the release of each book. Therefore I’ve read the first 5 or 6 a disturbingly large number of times. Then, in my need to discuss, I’ve turned to WOTMania as none of my friends and family are fans. Since I’ve never been active except immediately preceding and following each book release I was shocked to find no more WOTMania :'(. So, thanks for giving us a landing page. I’ve had a look through some of the forums here and am hopeful that I’ve found a new home.
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