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  1. I love it. And katie is smoking shes teds daughter from how i met yoour mother
  2. I saw it in theatres and i bought is asap this next scene with hit girl makes the movie theyvd edited out all the c words thouggh lol incidently my bottle of wine appears to be empty
  3. Wow your parents read it. Wow kick ass is such a good film. Mmy favorite scene is almost up god i love hit girl
  4. Yea im 21..... I feel old. I was well geeky by your age in WoT terms
  5. Huh they eould of coincided nah i just finished reading all the current bookks at the time so i joiined
  6. Still fresh haha ive been here 5 years now i think
  7. Yea it woulda been 5 years ago for me annyway spam! Haha so you been on DM long? Phone only tells me names not post counts
  8. Thank you for saving me that time ive not been there lol. Barely even been to the Soouth Island
  9. ZaaHaa Welcome, I'm a kiwi too Well done for keeping the hippie thing pg13. Lol, you'll be fine as long as you remember to always do that
  10. The fact that you own a tie it yourself now tie means you are awesome
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