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  1. Seriously, TOR is literally a few blocks away from the Union Square B&N. Come on!
  2. I presume NYC is going to be 2/17 then? (given the other dates) Putting in for that; hopefully PNH and the rest of the TOR crew show up.
  3. So Brandon posted the complete dustcover. From the inside liner: http://twitter.com/B.../large?tw_p=twt EDIT: This is the same cover blurb from the inside of the Orbit Edition posted back in May. Oh well. My eagerness is even greater.
  4. First one I ever saw was the Dragon chapter icon. This was on a bus in southern Sweden during the summer of 98. I think the chapter icons make some of the best out there. Thoughts?
  5. Fan Art Friday is good and Seamas is one of, if not the, best. thank you
  6. Pretty epic. Def. beats COT amongst the new ones and is in my top 3 along with TSR and WH. While I actually think DKS did a decent job with TOM, this version>all others. Only complaint, the wolf looks too much like a dragon from up close
  7. No, it's not silly. It's the right thing to do. If TOR bought the IP outright to produce this book, I could probably even make a fairly good argument in contract law that TOR is the successor to the contractual obligations of Dabel & Red Eagle (henceforth, collectively, the "Thieves") to those of us who were cheated by the Thieves. What is more likely is that TOR is licensing the images from whomever is the ultimate holder. If one of the Thieves is currently the license holder, it's fairly simple for a powerhouse like TOR to force the delivery of the remaining comics to those of us cheated. It gets more complicated if RJ's estate holds the licenses, but again, they also are able to easily force the Thieves to live up to their contractual obligations, or at least refund us.
  8. Given that I paid for the whole set in 2005, got 5 issues then and one issue in 2008, will Tor give me the whole thing for free? *still seethes with anger* well I suppose I should be happy. anything that takes this out of Larry Mondragon's incompetent clutches is welcome
  9. this was my thought process as well. sexy but too far fetched. However, applying Chekov's gun here, LoMM makes more sense. Why would RJ have introduced the LoMM if not for this purpose? Ok I get that Shara needs the same justification, but otherwise the BBoBA introduction of LoMM was totally superfluous. EDIT: Random guess- given that Portal Stones have made their re-appearance after going extinct for 10 books or so, what if they are from a parallel world where the Aiel are turned to service of the DO?
  10. I was too lazy to read the rest of the thread: Red Veiled Aiel- Sent north to kill the DO or Sharans?
  11. I wont be picking up the book for a good few hours now (it's 1:48am here !).. but PLEASE will someone explain this bit? Rand finally calls out Cadsuane for her incessant talking-down and addressing him as "boy". There is a great follow-up line that he has that I will not reveal to you now, seeing as you'll be getting your hands on the book in a few short hours.
  12. I have to ask ... why? Really, what does it matter who wrote it? Many agree that the trip through the columns in TSR is one of, if not the, finest moments in the series. RJ at his finest (he agreed, btw). I think it would complete RJ's awesomeness if he were the one to write that screen (or at least script it). Otherwise, it would feel like BS challenging RJ's achievement. Saying, "Look, I can do this too". I am eternally grateful to BS and like that he is trying to find his own voice within the series. In fact, I respect him a great deal for that. However, if he's just trying to ape RJ's triumph, he takes away from the work that he has done so far.
  13. So if the red Aiel are truly the male channelers, are they also Demandred's army? Or has he been hiding out in Shara or the Land of Madmen (under the pseudonym Dem Draperdred)?
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