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  1. On a side note. I have always kind of wondered about the "Dark Prophecies" and their validity. In that, they seem to me to still be part of the Pattern, and not necessarily just of the Dark. I mean, Darkfriends and Chosen can "assume" they are serving the Dark One by enacting said prophecies...but, as far as I understand, all fortellings and dreaming are related to the Pattern...not the Dark One. It seems the characters divide some things up by "light" and "dark" that may ultimately just be neutral in the ultimate fulfillment of the pattern. If that makes sense.
  2. No matter how rough it was, this piece is very moving. It's very visually striking, and seeing the three women surrounding the funeral pyre is just, well, tear jerking. It just brings to mind the thought that I am not quite ready for it to end. =[
  3. Honestly, it would probably just take Nynaeve finding out about it and having the desire to cure them. She seems to be able to cure nearly anything. Though, I wonder if it would take the strength of a full circle.
  4. It just occurred me to ask the question, "Have the other Wise Ones seen the same future Avi did?" They went through the Glass Colomns as well. It would seem to explain to me their repeated need to get Rand to see the Aeil as "people" or even "his people" rather than tools to be used. Tools can be cast aside and forgotten (like it seems Avi saw). People are usually considered and cared for. If they've seen the same thing, then it raises the question to me: "Did Avi see anything different in that vision that the other Wise one's didn't see that can be useful in convincing Rand?" Or would it simply be important that finally, one of the Wise One's who HAS seen this vision is in a key role to influence Rand (as one of those he loves and trusts). I feel this confirms to me that the Glass Columns glimpses of the future are like the Dreams that the Wise One's see. Which, are either not always set it stone or are mis-interpreted. It's up for change, but the change isn't' easy or evident. So I am with Fish in this. Avi didn't have a strict viewing of the Pattern like Min's talent. She glimpsed the future "as the path was currently setting it".
  5. WONDERFUL!! Great quote ! I remember reading that now, but I couldn't quite recall it. It makes me feel a little better that RJ would have admitted and accounted for linguistic drift and change among Seanchan, and support what I feel pushed for Randland to maintain OT to CT language history. Artur Hawkwing bringing a dominant language over to Seanchan makes a lot of sense. I'm going to assume that we can say that the other cultures surrounding randland maintained similar language structure simply through constant interaction with each other; despite some peculiarities in meaning and semantics.
  6. The Seanchan have different accents. I think only the Seanchan recognize the differences. I can't find the scene, but I remember two Seanchan talking, and one was reflecting on the other's accent, thinking about the place he was from. Randlanders don't seem to differentiate between Seanchan accents, possibly because they are all alien to them. Yeah, you're probably right. Unless the AS or somebody did a lot of work at keeping everyone speaking the same language. Not sure that's possible.I guess it was just easier not to include a dozen languages. Well ya know, pointing out the Aes Sedai does make me think that (convenient for RJ), the first thousand years after the Breaking, the fact that the Aes Sedai had more control, longer life span, and influence than the current Aes Sedai do might have contributed to the OT in general surviving as long as it did, and the CT being generally similar across Randland. The Aes Sedai would hold the heaviest influence over the Noble class, who then would hold the influence over the lesser. After the Trolloc Wars, things broke down and the OT control changed and degraded. It's also possible, now that I think about it, that similar explanations could hold true for the other societies. The Wise Ones among the Aeil, for example, could have helped keep the language generally similar over time. I suppose, the thing that just confuses me most, is how similar the Common tongue is across all the land. In reality, if a primary language breaks down over time and space (over time in a culture & through events, and then through geographic separation), there is going to be a lot more difference, and some more unique languages showing up. Despite the Wise Ones, I would have expected the Aeil to have a distinctly different language...not just the dialectical and meaning differences we see. Then again, like I said before "that I can recall" or that we have seen....there COULD be different langauges. We haven't been shown ALL cultures, and those that we have, have not all been shown in intimate detail. I forget their full name, but the island people that followed the Water Way, for example, could have had a different language, we know very little about them (just one POV). We know nothing about anyone on the Isle of Madmen. So, we may just not have been shown everything related to languages. =]
  7. The current variations in dialectical difference of CT do support that, under the umbrella of OT, there were also dialectical differences of it. However, there isn't any evidence in the current world of WOT that there were different Languages other than OT being spoken (before its degradation). The only display we have of distinctly different languages than OT and CT are Ogier, as far as I can recall. Cultures that, as an anthropologist, I would assume WOULD have distinct languages, just show differences in dialect, or use of OT, or meaning of similarly spoken words. In a way, RJ's presentation of the language environment of WOT doesn't fully match the natural change that language has over time. In over three thousands years, it would have made more sense for the Aeil, the Sea Folk, the Seanchan, and other isolated/separated cultures to have developed their own languages; even if a "common tongue" was used to communicate via trade.
  8. I think I agree that it came from the Epiphany on the Dragon Mount. I think its a combination of: 1. him being a Champion of the Light/Pattern, 2. connection with past lives, and 3. the "Belief & Order Give Strength" theme that runs in the books (he has great belief and order in his mind now). So....not sure how it can be duplicated, but I DO think its a clue to defeating the DO
  9. Do you have a link for this? MOstly, because it doesn't make sense for a few reasons: 1. in the Age of Legends, there was only one language, the Old Tongue (as its called now), because that was one way they established national peace. So there was "one" language already before Hawkwing 2. Hawkwing didn't make it/conquer every country. Hey only established his hold in Randland and, through relatives, Seanchan land. He was not successful elsewhere. Personally, I think the Trolloc Wars had more to do with the Common tongue taking over the Old Tongue, since the strength of the Nobility and the hold of the Aes Sedai over the land was greatly lessened and therefore, their influence on the language of the common folk.
  10. My thoughts: The Forsaken have shown, like modern Aes Sedai, an knowledge that some things are just "done" a certain way and there isn't another way. Remember Semi's remarks about the Warder bond when she was torturing the Aes Sedai? She was surprised the "primitive" channelers came up with such a complex weave that Age of Legend Aes Sedai were unable to create. Age of Legend One Power technology seemed to be based on a type of channeling industry and hierarchy of development, with many folks specialized. They could have general knowledge of something, but unable to know how to actually do it. Like a Accountant might know generally of how a doctor can perform Heart surgery, but give him the situation and he wouldn't be able to perform the task. I have a feeling AoL channeling was much the same. Also, we have seen that new talents and abilities have seemed to come to fruition among current Aes SEdai, and I have a feeling the "reverse engineering" ability Elayne possesses is new. She can probably devise a way to make an Angreal, but I highly doubt any Forsaken will be able to. They simply will not be able to think it possible or have the mental avenues that Elayne does. Think also about how for thousands of years, Aes Sedai had no clue you could heal with all five powers, until someone of a completely different midnset discovered, or rediscovered, the weaves. So, to sum it up. The Forsaken/Chosen currently lack the talent and insight (or even belief that they can) make Angreal/Sa'Angreal. They probably have general knowledge to how they were created, but that knowledge was dependent on a cultural industry that does not exist.
  11. I think Taim fits the "Judas" role better than Min. Aside from that, I like how you pointed out all these unique thing about Min. It is kind of creepy in a way. She is by far the most unique and odd character of the series. She doesn't fit any of the standards of the world that the other characters do and some things about her just can not be explained. I don't know if I would buy the notion of her being a "devine birth" type being, created directly by the Pattern. However, her personality and unique Talent being created out of the Pattern's need to guide the Dragon and give him a certain kind of support would make sense. I also think that the Taver'en'ness of Rand and it's need to have Min would be enough to keep her safe. She is never harmed, but there always seems to either be people around her to protect her, to get attacked instead, or she is simply and oddly ignored. This to me calls for the pattern being bent around her, due to Rand's need, in such a way as to keep her unharmed so she is there to guide him. So, less some sort of divine creation, and more so, a constant support system that he needs. Similar to Nynaeve and Moraine (who's guidance lasted even after her death). That is why I think those three are the 3 women on the boat. They seem to be pushed by the Pattern to be a base and feminine support system for Rand, one he trusts almost absolutely.
  12. We've seen him block the Source from those sworn to the Dark One....but have we seen him do so for other channelers? Otherwise, I'm not so sure that those who are of the Light can be blocked.I have a sneaky suspicion it's connected with their link with the DO.
  13. I few points to throw in: 1. A woman can have a cycle/period that is not actually connected with the release of an egg. The body will signal all the hormones, but an ovarie egg doesn't actually develop and drop into the Uterus. The lining still eventually is ejected, hence a period, and all the hormone fluctuations associated. This isn't normal though. But it can happen. 2. Depletion of ovarian folicles (eggs) does signal menopause and the max for that is usually 50 years for normal women. It IS tied to menstral cycles. So, in reality, for the Aes Sedai to have a longer than 50 year fertility their cycles would have to end up slowing. We only hear of Elayne having periods, and she hasn't properly slowed. In all seriousness, RJ probably didn't' detail something like this out. It's possible the One Power use does something wacky with the body...but that really wouldn't make sense. In the AoL, it is also possible they had many ways of artificial impregnation or growth/activation of dorman ovaries. They were able to Restore severed limbs and heal scars...that isn't too far off.
  14. I would normally say "Yes, such a test of some form is needed"...if we didn't have the Kin existing in such a high number and doing so well. In the Kin, we have a large group of women who were not "fit" to take the tests (they failed, or chickened out, etc), yet they have been a part of an organization for hundreds of years. They have successfully kept the women associated from causing trouble through their own disciplinary system (and yes, through fear of Aes Sedai reprimand). They are highly respected by the population at large, even though that population has no inkling of their potential to channel. So, I think there is a way. Discipline is necessary and is clear in both Aes Sedai and the Kin. However, brutal testing and unnecessary death of candidates might not be so.
  15. In Nyn's test, Egwene might have taken it a step far for the scenario she created. She seemed to realize this as she apologized to Nyneave afterwords. However, Egwene can not be held responsible for the other Aes Sedai's reasons. She might have pushed the envelope, but they took it above and beyond where she intended. These women were obviously jealous of Nyn's power, wilder standing, and other such and intended to make an example of her. We can't lay the entire dynamics of the situation on Eqwene's shoulders, OR assume this will be the future trend of tests.
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