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  1. Bela is obviously the dark one spying on the forces of the light.
  2. If your forces are naturally larger than the enemies, you overwhelm them as fast as possible, minimizes casualties. And also, just look at rands push towards ebou dar, they were on the losing end, and managed to blunt his attacks so they weren't as effective as planned. On a side note, they are fighting some of the best generals on the planet, so it is to be expected, and the army isn't called the ever victorious army because it wins every battle, but because it wins wars, so far this has been one war. In a prolonged battle i would see the seanchan winning, considering all the other countries do not work together.
  3. Demandred would not be in shara for the simple fact that the last battle is going to be in randland, he would be spending all his time possible moving his proxies around the field for maximum impact come the last battle.
  4. I could imagine the dark one sending waves of warded draghkar to assassinate as many light channelers as possible, followed by warded darkhounds to kill off leaders, then armies of trollocs and dreadlords (which could also be warded)
  5. As far as i thought, the false dragon they were going to use was Taim.
  6. Well, the man has to be involved, as do the women, creates a perfect balance, and could probably do almost as much damage as the CK.
  7. Im not 100% convinced that the seanchan will learn traveling straight away, it will happen yes, but it will take awhile, because traveling requires more than just the power to use, it requires knowing how to use it. Elaida will break fast, but it will be difficult to wring all this information out of her.
  8. Or they watch stargate lol, I have one question for people, are you guys implying that the boat was balefired? because as far as i understood it, it wasn't the boat that was balefired, but the rowers.
  9. And is not randland about the size of Europe? No, it's significantly larger. If that is the case then, in medieval europe there were over 250 million people, so randland would have 100 million + easily.
  10. He may not remember everything, but i think that his skills will vastly improve.
  11. You cant truly defeat the dark one, the wot universe is a universe of balance, light and dark, yin and yang.
  12. Why does everyone insist that rand will kneel to the crystal throne? it is a false prophecy, or is there something that im missing?
  13. Well if though of this way, when the dragon is spun out into a world where the OP has diminished, he would have to rely on more mundane methods, become a better warrior, become a better negotiator etc. And rand would have access to all this (hopefully). Then there is the countless thousands of lives where he would have learned to channel, which would mean that now he would know almost everything there is to know about the OP, will be interesting to see what he does with it.
  14. yeah, so he would have to be pushed out of influencing through the bore at shayol ghul.
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