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  1. Great post. Another factor against the BF theory is that Rand BF's Graendal after Mat has left hinderstrap. Not to say that his previous use of BF hasn't caused it, but the only time where we see the pattern actually weakening from BF usage is the Graendal execution scene. Because of Rand's visions we know Mat to be in Camelyn at that time.
  2. I disagree. The compulsion was undone, so how could she be alive? If it's impossible to set the web of compulsion to unravel on it's own(Nynaeve did say the weave was different from the web she undid earlier) then Graendal could have compelled another channeler to weave the compulsion. Those are the only 2 cases I can think of bahaha... I love how a quote from a month and a half ago of mine is being used, talking about how this will be talked about and repeated too many times before ToM comes out. ...And yet I still check this thread... <sigh>
  3. Ahahahaha Lucker's Pie... mmmmmmm Luckers Pie <drools>. I think the Ogier idea... not that I think Dem has actually inflitrated them, but I've never really thought about Ogier darkfriends.
  4. I agree that the AS are in for a headcheck. The ONLY AS in this series to realize how insignificant a reputation was Moiraine. She realized Rand couldn't be bullied or manipulated so she did what all the AS in the world should do and provide guidance and advice without the strings attached.
  5. TGS Prologue - Graendal is certain Mesaana is an AS (she has spies in the WT). Also, Verin says Laras isn't the sort of person who would swear to Shai'tan. Also Laras has been around since New Spring, and although Messy could have killed and recently started impersonating her, to get her mannerisms down that solidly... bit of a stretch. She has to be AS... alivarian (sp) recognized her when SH showed up and ruined messy's disguise. That with Graendal's spies telling her that Messy is in fact AS add up. You're right with it being circumstancial, but everything in this series is circumstancial. With this situtation though we have a good amount of information to go on. EDIT: Also we ran into this same scenario with Semi... the evidence all pointed to Anath, and RJ didn't try to throw us on a false trail in order to get the big "ooohhh!" moment. He gave us clues and if we figured it out, good for us, and if we didn't, well then it would be a nice surprise.
  6. The Ways help the Dark and when the light has no centralized order, travelling is not as huge as it seems. If you don't know where your allies are going to be because you're controlling only your own people, its tough to coordinate attacks. Travelling is important, but its not going to decide the battles. On top of this, the light will be pushing into the blight where the dark has homefield advantage, plants that can kill by touching, monsters that can come out of nowhere, etc... and even if it the dark pushes forward, the borderlands are more like neutral ground. No matter what, it always seems like the darkside has some kind of advantage with the exception of the numbers where we can't be sure.
  7. I assume you mean Knife of Dreams, and the warder bond only senses Shadowspawn within a mile (I think Lan or Moiraine tells us this in the EoTW). The trollocs were on the treeline which was a good distance away from the manor and as soon as they reach that treeline, Rand and others including Cadsuane sense something wrong. When they look at the window they see shadowspawn. Now back to the discussion
  8. I don't think the numbers are going to be the problem for Randland. It's the organization of the armies that you have to look at. The DO and the forsaken have complete control over their followers, including shadowspawn, channelers and DF's. You do have to factor in those people not doing their tasks but they are generally afraid of punishment for failure and excited about the glory and power they will get if they succeed. When you look at Randland, he only has control over a couple nations (carhien (sp), Tear, Illian, the Aiel clans and the legion of the dragon). Of those, only the aiel can be completely trusted to follow orders. That leaves the south and west in the hands of the Seanchan, Murandy and Gheladian (sp) in chaos and disorder, Andor with Elayne and the borderlands currently defenseless. Some of these problems Rand will work on before the battle. but what about putting generals in charge? If one of Rand's generals like Bashere or Ituraulde or even mat give orders to Andorians and they say "hey, only our captain general can tell us what to do", or if the seanchan team up with Rand and they only listen to their generals, it creates problems. Yes, you could have different armies on different flanks, but lack of unity under one central leader is always a negative. And don't tell me Rand will be in charge... he can barely keep control of his armies now and he likely will be heading for Shayol Ghul, not leading armies. The Darkside on the other hand have powerful generals, like Demandred and Ishy/Mori who can give orders that EVERYONE will have to obey. One leader giving all the orders based on information coming from the different frontlines is always a plus. Organization means Dark- 1, light - 0 before the battle even begins.
  9. While I don't know any more than any of you, I believe he is tightly tied to Moridin - perhaps even a part of him in some way (in place of the flaming eyes?). Both Moridin and SH appeared in the story at around the same time, they operate with perfect coordination (e.g. see book 7 the scene with Moghedien when her little chat with SH smoothly continues with Moridin) yet are never together in the same place, nor refer to each other. Even the Semirhage scene was representative of this. SH threatens Semi and later Rand grabs the TP (presumably through Moridin). I have to disagree with this. Moridin is the DO's most faithful follower... the most trusted and most powerful. The problem is the DO cannot physically control humans to do his bidding... he can entice them, threaten them, etc... but ultimately, the person makes the decision on their own. SH is shadowspawn, which are tightly tied to the DO and the forsaken who are marked... obviously SH cannot be controlled by anyone except the DO, but the reason he is separate from Moridin is because he is completely compelled by the DO. A couple times we see contradicting actions from SH or Moridin... the semirage rescue for example, or Moridin's obessesion with keeping Rand alive. What I really want to see though is a forsaken happy hour where both are present. I don't believe we've seen both together in the same room?
  10. I agree with the pie thing... not because they're delicious, but because Demandred has to be doing more than one thing with his time. Taim does seem like a good Proxy... I think that the BA sisters who released him told him that his task was to kill Rand, or something of the like and that the DO would give him power and authority beyond his wildest dreams. And just before or after he met Rand, Dem had a chat with him saying that Rand was his and that Taim's new job was to recruit and train male channelers for the DO. If Taim killed Rand, Dem would destroy Taim. I also think it was Dem in WH? who talked to Taim where we get a better idea of Taim being a darkfriend.
  11. Thanks for putting it up Luckers! :) As for Shaidar Haran, we can't be sure he's the DO's avatar. The DO definatly has total control over him but we see in his PoV where he's watching Sammael and Graendal with the Shaido where he says he's tired and wants to be free of the control of Shayol Ghul. You could make the argument that its the DO who wants to be free, but I don't think it is. I'm just really curious about his powers/limitations. Apparently he can only leave Shayol Ghul for a small amount of time. But the fact that he can suddenly appear anywhere (like a regular Fade's ability with shadows), and cut everyone (or at least DO's minions) off from the power. Whats to stop this guy from appearing in the middle of Perrin or Mat's camp and causing havoc then leaving? I know it wouldn't happen, but it seems he's got some ridiculous powers. How do you stop a guy like that? Especially if he's much larger than a regular Fade? This guy will be trouble at the final battle...
  12. MISTBORN SPOILER: (this will spoiler the trilogy completely. copy and paste and increase the font size at your own risk.) very early in the series, Vin mentions that the only thing she has from her mother is the earring she is wearing. The "bad guys" (Inquisitors) in the series are controlled by a magic known as Hemalurgy, which is essentially metal spikes slammed through their bodies. This allows Ruin (the "Dark One" of the series) to control people. Vin, specifically, he controls by being the voice of her brother in her head. We see at the end of book 1 when Vin loses her earring she is able to draw on the "mist" (aka Preservation -- don't worry about the details ;p), then again at the end of the series when the earring is pulled from her she becomes Preservation (the "Creator"). In the meanwhile, she is not able to tap this power because of her link to Ruin. In short, the "throwaway detail" from book one of the earring is what led Vin to be controlled by Ruin the entire series via Hemalurgy. There are plenty of other events impacted by this, and many other hints, but this is the basic idea. So, it was a very small detail that made a heck of a lot of sense once you figured it out, and there were certainly plenty of clues TO figure it out. I am a first time poster but I disagree with the above Mistborn spoiler. Every thing stated in there is true but I feel there was a different minor detail in that series that he is referring too. All the chapters in these books start with a quote from a book important to the storyline. In the first chapter of the first book the quote states something along the lines of the Hero of ages will bear the weight of the world on his arms. I the final chapter of the final book you learn the true hero to be Sazed(sp) who wears metal bands on his arms that contains all the knowledge collected by the keepers which he will use to rebuild the world I feel he referenced this because it was a play on words which once explained is obvious. MISTBORN SPOLIERS!!!! Reread the BS quote. He says its a minor detail that plays a major role later on in the book. It's something that is more important than who killed Asmo. The earring is really only mentioned once or twice at the beginning and then becomes vital in the final book. We know Sazed's keeper knowledge will be important. An earring however? Kelsier mentions only once that she should keep it because it could be useful... thats the kind of minor detail BS is talking about
  13. I really wanted to see a Cadsuane/Semi showdown, but it never happened. We also need a Shaidar Haran (sp) thread...., unless there is one I don't know about?
  14. BAHAHAH... nice. Sorry I agree with you, its just that it seems EVERYTHING is debatable on these forums. If theres one thing that we know for certain, its that the DO exists. Dear God, I need sleep. I'll be back in the morning.
  15. I think that no matter what happens the Cycle ends when the books are done. Either the DO wins and the Pattern of reality is undone, or Rand wins and there is no active DO (nor Creator) influencing men. We want to believe that, and its the likely ending of the book... but I can definately see RJ looking down at us reading the ending and saying "Oh Christ, now we have to discuss this series more on dragonmount and theoryland..." and smiling at us. Don't rule it out just because we want it to end :)
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