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  1. That's pretty cool. I'm glad the book landed in the hands of someone that appreciates it.
  2. '"Knotai?" said Knotai.' OMG that one line just cracked me up. Hilarious. I was glad to see that Sanderson found Mat's voice in this book.
  3. Hahahaha! Who's the master?! Ha! The battle between Logain and Taim is going to be epic. Just like the fight between, Bruce Leroy and Sho'Nuff
  4. LOL. I'm happy to entertain. lol I was shocked. And sad. Still sad. Mat and Tylin were so cute/funny together! Paused for now. Busy tonight so I probably wont read any more till tomorrow. I'm about to start the first Perrin chapter. Oh other thoughts: The prologue was freaking long... and random. I get all my random Aes Sedai confused, having to stop and look them up frequently. Gawyn! Its been what? 4 books? Wait isn't one of those Aes Sedai evil? (See previous point) Loial's back!!!! I've said what i needed to say about Mat's chapters. I hope there are more Mat chapters remaining in this book... Uh I feel like I should understand Seanchan culture more than I do at this point... It took three read through to be able to follow the random Aes Sedais and other characters.
  5. I feel ya. Okay, I see where you guys are coming from. You gotta give it to RJ. He creates a mythology that spawns discussions.
  6. Dude, read COT. You are apart of this big WOT fraternity. We read COT. You read COT. Besides, you might actually enjoy it. I did not find the book as bad as others. I enjoyed the parts with Mat and Toun.
  7. I love the series because the whole WOT universe is so damn rich and full. RJ is, for lack of a better word, THE MAN. The world and everything in it is filled with so much history. This series is a masterpiece. However, I would not recommend this series to everyone. Many of the qualities that make this series great, actually turns a lot of people off. I think that's a good thing. I enjoy the differences in people.
  8. So I'm sitting here thinking about what you suggest, and I'm trying to imagine what a less-than-omnipotent "creator" would look like. The Randland version of the creator is one which a deist would describe - one which put the world into motion but does not intervene, one which makes no revelations giving his/her creation any philosophical or theological basis for a moral code, one which neither works miracles for his/her progeny nor receives their adoration or worship. And I'm looking at your avatar... Hmmmm... No philosophical instruction or moral/ethical code... No miracles... A non-interference directive, perhaps? Puts the world into motion, then takes no other generative action... A Project Genesis, perhaps? A technology which one is capable of building and launching, but not capable of steering or containing? Imprisons an opponent in a nearly impregnible cell, even though s/he is really no stronger than said opponent... A cell surrounded by a force-field which could only be breached by a magnetic field disruptor, and said opponent was stripped of weapons and tools before being cast inside... Looks like the so-called Creator might be Captain Kirk. LOL. That's pretty good, but I'm nowhere near smart enough to make those connections. I guess it really doesn't matter if the creator is omnipotent or not, the creator just has to be stronger than the DO. And I believe the creator is more powerful, because the DO clearly does not want to be locked up. In the beginning, the creator created. He promptly snatched up his evil twin tossed him in jail. I'm sure the DO didn't go to jail willingly. Like I said earlier, I'm FAR from a scholar or a philosopher. I know absolutely nothing about Zoroastrianism or any other isms for that matter. It's just my gut feeling.
  9. I think it is safe to say that the creator is omnipotent. His(her) will created the wheel, the universe, the world, the DO's prison. It's the creator's game and his(her) rules. By the very fact that the DO is imprisoned and can't simply will himself free means that he is not omnipotent. I agree that the Do is the antithesis of the creator, however, that does not mean that the DO is the equal to the creator. The DO is strong enough to break the wheel and recreate reality. I just feel that the creator won't let it happen.
  10. I was perusing the net last night and reading about the Norse god, Odin. It's really interesting the connection between Odin and Mat. I started reading about Ragnarok and how it relates to Tarmon Gai'don. Suddenly, I realized that the Dark One WILL NEVER win. We know very little about the DO's nature, but we know this, he's not omnipotent. The creator is. The creator imprisoned the DO, which means the DO's prison is stronger than the DO. The fact that the creator can create a prison to hold the DO, then go about his business doing his thing, tells me that this fight is fixed. Sure, the DO causes all kinds of grief throughout the ages, but he'll never really win. Breaking the world is one thing. Breaking the wheel? Not going to happen. The DO is apart of the scheme of things, like a hurricane or an earthquake. It's terrible and destructive, but it's apart of life. The creator can handle the DO, but the DO can't handle the creator. I believe the DO thinks he can win. The creator needs the DO to continue to play his game. The Last Battle is going to be destructive and terrible. It'll also usher in a new age. I can't fathom a reason why the creator does it like this. It's just the way it is.
  11. Aman to this brother. This is still the same kid that regularly gave up his coats to street urchins in Ebu Dar. Can't wait for AMOL.
  12. I believe that all those mercs around town will mitigate the damage.
  13. Mat wrote for effect. It worked. I feel the same way.
  14. Lan didn't fight Toram, Rand did that in Cairhien.. Lan killed Toram in Far Madden.
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