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  1. I have a quick question - one that bugged me last night during my read. I was tired and might have missed it though. Did Mat's dice ever stop rolling in his head? I kept waiting for it and it never came.
  2. Finished it about 8 hours ago. Got some sleep. I didn't like the book as a whole, not particularly, but I loved the end. The VERY end (the last page or so). Rand deserves that. It's what he wanted from the very beginning.
  3. I've not had any major issues with the first two Sanderson novels either. I finished them thinking they were a good effort - they were bringing the story where they needed to be better than I could reasonably expect. This one seemed off to me though. I don't want to go terribly in depth but: 1) The only lingering problem I've felt seemed exacerbated here. The PoV's shift TOO frequently. While reading it was like "was I really not meant to have figured out something was wrong with the great generals 400 pages ago?" - the storyline seemed to jump merely to avoid a complete resolution at any of the four battlegrounds. Keeping timelines at the same point across everyone seemed pointless and impeded my enjoyment of the book. The storyline would have been just as - if not more compelling - if we knew for sure something was wrong with one of the major captains and could read each of those battlefronts with the complete knowledge of what had happened - rather than being left to work out what was obvious early in the book and fragment the storyline so much. 2) Moiraine. The only explanation I can have for how underwhelmed I was here is that Jordan didn't leave enough notes on what was meant to happen with her. Her resurrection did nothing. We didn't get any answers to what her questions were - it was even Nyn that did all of the work with Alanna inside the Pit. Her lack of involvement in the book saddens me to no end - she's probably the single most badass character in the series. 3) His Mat seemed to be more off than ever - maybe I haven't done a reread in a long time, but Uno was bad too. Cringeworthy. He seemed to be swearing just for the sake of it, not because he actually wanted to. 4) A little too much dues-ex-machina. "It's just a weave" isn't foreshadowing for a reverse balefire.
  4. On the weave that the wise ones want to stop using. It occurs to me that this might be unrelated to the LB but rather a weave they want to keep out of Seanchan hands. While it's entirely possible this is Balefire, it seems to me it could be a weave that proves disastrous to Aiel via the Rhuidean Pillars. Balefire does fit this bill, but so do more deceptive weaves like MoM.
  5. Personally I think that one of the more important scenes in this book could turn out to be the scene where Perrin stops the balefire. More than just being badass, it's the only known method of stopping something that can burn your thread from the pattern (unless I'm forgetting something, it's been a long time since I did a reread). As Egwene said, it's more than just a weave. Pet theory is now that TAR will have something to do with the final confrontation with the DO/sealing of the bore. It would be fitting for me that it does, too, as TAR has received alot of investment in this series.
  6. I can't give you a direct quote, I don't have the book. Somewhere in Chapter 20 in TDR, when Lanfear appears to Mat, he asks her if she is a Darkfriend. Now, granted, she is not bound by the oath rod so she COULD lie. However, she seems taken aback by this, offended that Mat would call her one, then replied that she definitely was not, implying that she was better than a Darkfriend Again, without the direct quote it's hard to express this, but on my last read-through it struck me that she definitely did consider herself a Darkfriend. Hopefully someone can pull up the quote.
  7. I don't actually think Rand can access the True Power at will anymore, after what happened to him on Dragonmount. He had his little epiphany, which of course meant that he wasn't in his permanent-void state that Semi managed to put him into. Once he realised that one of those enticing powers was gone, he also realised that he had no real reason to use the CK, because at that point it was pretty much only there to ward off the TP. It was his Anger, Hate and Desperation that allowed him access to the TP, whether through Ishydin or otherwise, but now he isn't consumed by those emotions anymore he no longer can touch it.
  8. The other possibility, is that Graendal didn't weave the Compulsion herself.
  9. There's so much to choose from, I just finished reading it now... But probably Egwene's choice of Keeper. You knew it was coming, but there was still something special about it.
  10. It seems to me that people are overlooking this. I personally think that Mat's luck is something that the pattern "needs" and therefore we constantly see the pattern giving him abnormal luck. I may be wrong, but I believe that he only wins when he has some need for the money that he's taking in, because we don't really see Mat squandering his money on extravagant things. Instead, his money is used for much more practical things in the scheme of the pattern; paying the Band and Valan Luca being the first two things that come to mind. It just seems to me that Mat is the only character with a need for money, and a constant need for it. Therefore, the Pattern has to compensate for this and does so via giving him a constant supply of it, wherever in the world he happens to be.
  11. Finally decided to join up after being a long time lurker... mainly because I always want to point something out but I've been to lazy to register! Woo!
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