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  1. for the eye i've always thought that whatever they initially intended it for he merely used it to safely "force" himself to a greater potential early. he barely channeled a thread before the eye but early in the TGH he's accidentally using portal stones which verin doesn't feel strong enough to use although she can later travel. maybe she was lying and just trying to prod him into using the stone however it always seemed logical. :) i'd never considered a continuing use for it though. interesting :) i always assumed that this particular dragon banner was a ter'angreal tied to the horn anyway. hoping that hawkwing does influence tuon. mat blows the horn. and rand orders hawkwing to scold his decendent about the injustice of slavery etc :)
  2. yep yep im think alot of above. not quite sold on Failemandred just yet but im open to new ideas :D i wanna see the battle of the BT :D
  3. has anyone considered the TP being how he seals the bore without tainting saidin and saidar? i haven't started my first reread of TGS just yet :) still recovering from tuesdays marathon. but i recall a pov of rand's where he mentioned needing something to help seal the bore. later he started down the "kill the DO" road, but im thinkin using the TP to sorta hold back the DO for the second he needs the use saidar & saidin to actually close the bore. kinda like putting your knee on an overstuffed duffle bag while you work to get teh zipper closed :)
  4. 1-rand with the collar on sent me down freakout lane as well. and i even cheated a bit by glancing a the next page and seeing min breathing and then right back to the choking scene 2- verin's did too, for a few seconds less than rand's scene. 3-one of my tops that i haven't seen listed was saerins pov when she was trying to establish a defense. "THE NOVICE QUARTERS!?!?".... "EGWENE!". that rocked. 4-of course Tam, but not with Rand, with caddy later on. Leave to a good ole boy to point out the obvious to the oblivious. Paraprhasing "WTF!?! The room got DARKER when he came in, what did you do?" That whole dark halo had me worried, just a little 5- and yea seeing semi broken so fast was hilarious, if a bit anti-climatic. 6- and insanity or no insanity, i love seeing a more liberal usage of balefire . 7-many many more. was really hopin to see the perrin/galad/morgase scene. hopefully we'll get that in a flashback next book nigel
  5. I actually think this will backfire. A move against Aviendha is the most likely course Graendal will take given Min is close to Rand and subject to his protection, and Elayne has her own protections--but Aviendha is not defenceless. She has an angreal, and an ability to sense ter'angreal. My guess is Graendal will move against her and be surprised to find that Aviendha is not taken by surprise. not so sure about avi being a good target. not even counting the angreal, did she take that dagger thing with her too?, but she's with a vast horde of aiel and hundreds of channeling wise ones to boot. unless she does something stupid like picking berries by herself and just happens to walk up to graendal while day dreaming about rand's eyebrows or something :P. on the other hand i'd LOVE to see avi face one of the forsaken and display some of the wise one's weaves we and the forsaken haven't seen :D. she's turning up some suprising talents :) im betting on a lesser character, maybe caddy or one of the entourage. i don't see nyneave getting killed off. although one of the greater characters "almost" getting killed would work too. maybe caddy's lesson to the asha'man happens through her death :D
  6. yea I'm half expecting egwene to find out about the BA hunt via the ferrets and then show up in the basement :). Not only swearing the 3 oaths, but also proclaiming herself the Amyriln Seat and starting the rebellion against Elaida right there, recall that the Hunters are currently starting to think that Elaida is Black :D. Hell they may all walk straight up to Elaida's rooms en mass right then hehe. Prolly not though, when's the last time you saw a character in this series do something the easy way? I'm also hoping Eggy stumbles into them about the same time the hunters are about to descend on the BA high council meeting :D I'd LOVE to see Egwene taking the lead among the hunters about that time :D Not only is she stronger than them, but she's probably a MUCH better channeler too. Time for all these old style Aes Sedai(a polite way of saying "cackling hens") to really start learnin :D
  7. well now that my pre-release reread is done i finally had to come over here and register :). wotmania :( *sniff Nigel ;D
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