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  1. All the typos and errors could be due to the pattern breaking down and bubbles of evil seeping into the book itself. Bravo BS - a very post-modern choice. =)
  2. Was there a ripple the day the DO broke free back in the AoL? We get a perspective of that day in Rhuidean. I don't remember the details of that passage.
  3. If author is smart, he will use the Gholam the same way Tad Williams did in "War of the Flowers". In that book, Tad Williams has a very Gholam-like character, a single minded construct hellbent on it's target's death. In a pivotal scene, right when the bad guys have the hero in their clutches and there seems to be no escape, the Gholam blunders into the scene and disrupts the bad guys advantage, allowing the hero to save the day. In the same way, it would be great if the Alefinn have Matt dead to rights and just in the nick of time, the golem shows up and tears them apart, just because they are in the way.
  4. I'm glad Aram's gone. RJ's extreme characters are never as interesting as his nuanced ones. After the end of the Two Rivers battle and he and his people were separated, Aram ceased to be interesting in any way. His motivations and reactions were 100% predictable from then on. All internal conflict was extinguished and he might as well have been a robot. RJ should have had him turned on Perrin 5 books ago.
  5. I was just thinking today how awesome it would be if there was a character who was completely a figment of Rand's imagination - brought on by the madness of course. I have read all the books several times, but I do not have all the details committed to memory they way some people here do. Is there any character(s) who would qualify to be only in Rand's imagination? A character who has never had a POV chapter and who ONLY appears in Rand's POVs? Obviously, I am not meaning Lews Therin, I mean is there a flesh and blood character walking around who might be just a schizophrenic hallucination. Just curious.
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