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  1. I believe in ToM we will see a chapter or scene from Graendels POV either showing her last moments or showing her alive afterwards. Possibly in the prologue.
  2. Moridin and Rands meeting was quite interesting. Confirms the belief that Ishamael was the only one who really knew the true motives of the Dark One.
  3. In a reference to an earlier book, Crossroads of Twilight Chapter 24, Rand finds himself thinking about the creators plans and philosophy in general, but he realizes this isnt something he would normally think about and that it must be LTTs thoughts. This always struck me as odd because i don't believe LTT was into Philosophy much either. Ishamel on the other hand was a noted philosopher in the Age of Legends. Also "But he could feel Lews Therin nodding in approval, a man listening to someone else." This seems to imply it was not Lews Therins thoughts either. If i had to bet money i would say bits of Moridins psyche or persona are slipping across into Rand's head. I'm sure this has been discussed before, but does it shed any light on the current discussion?
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