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  1. Glorious. One suggestion. Hm. Ceiling Cat. Or cat sticking its head out of a small hole = Gholam.
  2. A good question. Me, I suspect it will begin when Rand breaks the three Seals. Then, I hope, the DO will speak to Rand, and perhaps the world, directly. The Bore has been growing all this time. He can't escape, but he might be able to project himself elsewhere.
  3. Note: I didn't make myself clear for my theory I suppose if someone misread me. My theory is the 'flaw' isn't really a flaw, but rather a twist from the Pattern made to be used. Or perhaps it was intended all along. My theory is that it works as a Sa'angreal for the Male Half and the True Power. And, while linked or working with women, Rand must use all three powers as the lead of the circle to seal the bore. I did not mention that Callandor can augment the Female half, though I can see where you got that wrong. I expect because it also magnifies the taint it also magnifies the True Power if channeled through it. We'll see.
  4. One of my theories too is this: That the DO can't STOP the Dragon from wielding the True Power. Possibly by the baelfire link with Moridin, possibly because he is the Dragon. I mean, he's always been able to see the Black Cords. Being able to see something usually means you have the ability to access/use it when it comes to the powers. Certainly it is a terrible thing to use the True Power, but I'd guess that the Dragon using it must be for that point. And yes, Callandor should be fine now because there is no Taint anymore. The flaw is no longer a worry. So there must be something more to the Flaw. It isn't so much as the DO defeating himself or Sauron throwing the ring into mount doom himself, but rather the DO cannot stop the Dragon from drawing on it. Or if he can, that will be part of the struggle, Rand forcing the True Power from the Dark One to use back on him. We'll find out in two books and it is all just a theory. It is but one possibility of what might happen. As it is, the theories of three ta'veron working together and all the rest apply just as well. We'll find out. But for now, they are all very valid theories.
  5. My own theory involves the fact of the 'flaw' in Callandor, which might not really be a flaw. My guess is this: Callandor is a Sa'angreal not just for the Male half, but also for the TRUE power. The reason it magnified the Taint is because the Taint and the True Power were effectively identical to it. I assume the Three Become One involves the three Powers: Saidin. Saidar. The True Power. Perhaps Rand has to use the True Power to restrain or hold back the Dark One, while using Saidin and Saidar both to seal the hole, via a link. Robert Jordan pretty much said, if I recall one interview correctly, that if just women did it then it would be Saidar that would have been tainted, and if both did, they both would have been. So there needs to be something that keeps the Dark One from touching the Weave, thus the True Power comes into play. Via Rand's link with Moridin, he has access to the True Power most likely. So he can manage to use all three powers to push the Dark One back and repair the Bore like it never was with both the male and female powers.
  6. I agree about Fain. He almost seems to represent another side of the Shadow. Such as the Male and Female halves of the One Power, its almost like the DO and whatever power Fain has in him is almost his equal and opposite. I'm very curious indeed about all of that and what happens. As for predictions, I did always think Rand would go too far, but I didn't expect him to go that dark or that grim. I thought Egwene would get the tower, but it was a delight how it happened. That all the subtle plots were just for women hungry for power. I expect Fain to be pivitol. If failing that he'll survive through the end and sit overlooking it all and say 'Now its my turn.' The Fourth Age will have to have its own trials and tribulations... and Fain and his taint could be something to shake the foundations of the world.
  7. I expect Elaida is going to be a plot point as well in the next book. With her knowledge of Traveling, she'll probably be given directly to the Empress, may she live forever, so they can disseminate Traveling to the other Damane. Elaida will break swiftly, and the Empress, may she live forever, will ensure that all of the newly gained Aes Sedai are questioned for what weaves they know and what they don't know. Traveling especially. The Seanchan with Travelling will be incredibly dangerous. We're going to have to have one heck of a confrontation between Fortuona and Egwene to see this rectified. I don't think Fortuona will come to trust Rand again unless Mat is with him. There is going to need to have /something/ happen there that makes the situation work. I expect the possibility of Mat, at the Tower to retrieve the Horn of Valere, present during another Seanchan attack. Its also possible that the Seanchan will be assailed more directly by the Shadow now that there is no one to hold them under the leash with Semihrage dead. But as to the topic of Elaida, I expect Egwene will get her released somehow. Elaida's foretelling, weak as it is, might be useful and needed. Of course, the taint left by Fain is still going to mess with Elaida's mind. Its possible Elaida just goes snap and mentally breaks down to the point where she is reduced to childlike imbicility. Elaida, with how much we've come to absolutely despise the woman, might even just be forgotten after she treaches the Seanchan Traveling. Forgotten and left to be just this childlike damane. Perhaps taken to the Last Battle to fight in it and die. She almost deserves it.
  8. I was just listening to The Dragon Reborn over again, and listening to the part where Lanfear confronts Mat Cauthon in his bedroom after he wakes up. There is something important there. Mat Cauthon is about to ask if Lanfear was a Darkfriend, and she denies she is, saying they are 'Ba'alzemon's little pets'. So they are considered, at least by Lanfear, to be something seperate. Something belonging solely to Moridin/Ishamael. If Mesaana believes this as well, then she could truthfully say, 'I am not a Darkfriend' with the Oath Rod's binding on her. So, that might be how she beat the Oath Rod.
  9. Dreadlords are very likely Channeler Darkfriends, I'd hazard a guess. IE, the Black Ajah and Dark Asha'Man will likely have people among them chosen and raised to be Dreadlords. They might also be powerful Darkfriends with unique powers, as well.
  10. You have a point about Trollocs too. They are hunter-gatherers and the Blight is not exactly helpful when it comes to surviving in it... unless the Trollocs have somehow been adapted to it. But then, they are primarily Meat Eaters so who knows how they could have been fed besides killing their elderly. Slave/cattle population? The natural mutated monsters that seem endless in the Blight? But yes, they could very well be in the millions and tens of millions. Especially if there is an old facility designed for their production 'saved' from the Breaking somewhere in the Blight. Maybe any Channeler who knows how can actively /make/ Trollocs. We don't really know the weaves, technology, or whatever involved in their creation at all. And you're right about the Darkfriends. That was a bit of an overestimation on my part. And yeah, many DFs are just 'dabblers in wickedness'. I expect their debts are all going to be collected in the Last Battle, and they'll all be called to the Blight. Who can say? But yes, Worms/Jumara and whatever horrors exist in the Blight... I mean, who knows what is there. From the talks at the Forsaken Tea Party and Garden Party they have mentioned some things that have been never identified. Its going to be fascinating to see what horrors are pulled out and used by the Dark One. Heck, the Hand Tentacle Beast in the 1000 Lakes might actualy be killed by Rand and them if they move up through Malkier. Remember it in the Eye of the World? With the giant stinger at its end? That thing sounded horrifying in and of itself...
  11. Well, on the Shadow side we have: 150 Black Ajah. Taim and an undisclosed number of Darkfriend Asha'man. The uncounted monsters of the Blight. A Trolloc army that has been focused on breeding and increasing their size for the last two years since the slap in the face the Shadow got in Eye of the World. This total is minus the sum total of all those Trollocs who were used in shadow attacks throughout the series. The questions are: How fast do Trollocs Reproduce? How long does it take, from birth, for a Trolloc to go from 'pup' to 'killmaimdestroy'? We know about 1/100 of these births is a Myrdraal. Again, how long does it take for them to go from babies to adult? Does it kill the 'mother' in the process? Are Trollocs, in fact, made from tanks in some lost facility in the Blight that Moridin has kept running all this time? They likely were made that way originally by Aginor, but is it normal breeding now or normal breeding augmented by these 'fresh' Trollocs? Which leads us to exactly how Dragkar are made(born?). How many does he have? How are they breeding/being made? How many can he fill the skies with? I'd say over the course of the series about 20 Dragkar have been mentioned and/or killed. Just how many more lurk in the skies of the Blight? Do they nest on cliffs and make little horrifying soul kissing babies? Another question: How many Wyrms, Jumarra, and whatever other horrors in the Blight does the DO have to unleash? If a Wyrm can kill a Fade, well... what the heck /is/ it? They travel in packs and make fluting sounds. Giant serpent birds? Are they dune-like Sandworms? And what the heck is a Jumarra and what else that Aginor has made is running loose? We can assume that, on top of this, about 1/10th of all human population in Randland is a Darkfriend. Based on the fact that about 1/10th of all Aes Sedai were black. We can assume how many humans in Randland? 2 billion? 3? Less? More? And then you can assume a small percentage of those is willing to become Soulless. So perhaps 1/10th of 1/10th of all humanity running around as nasty assassins. We've had about... what? 30 Greymen mentioned/killed over the course of the series? Then of course there are the Darkhounds. Didn't someone mention packs of a few hundred had been seen in the Blight? And you have the Ravens. And the Rats. The Shadow's army is pretty horrifying.
  12. Any ideas on what Mesaana is going to use the 19 Dream Ter'angreal for? I'm thinking that because she called them Dream Weavers, they are going to have an extra ability or two. Though some are poor copies of the original. I'm guessing World of Dream traps like the Hedgehog in The Dragon Reborn, myself.
  13. Well, we know Mesaana is more then willing to disguise herself as a Novice. And if she can disguise herself as a Novice, she could be Accepted or anything she likes. She disguised herself as Else Grinwell for a while before it got too dangerous. When Mat saw her and so on. Also, one wonders. Will the 150 Black Ajah that fled the tower and elsewhere be given to Mesaana to control? Or what will happen to them? Brought to Moridin and intigrated into the Armies of the Night? We'll see. But we have /alot/ of Black Ajah unaccounted for. Even if it is only 1/10th of the total population of the White Tower are black, and 50 of those were executed, there are still alot alive and able to do alot of damage.
  14. The main question is: What can Mesaana do with those Dream Ring/Weaver Ter'angreal that we don't know about? Obviously they must have even more uses with how 'excited' Mesaana was over them. Heck, she might learn that Elayne is a Ter'angreal maker and the one who made them. That could be dangerous. But Mesaana is going to do some nasty things with those rings. I'm sure of it.
  15. I expect she is toast. Unless she is the 'extra' Sulin.
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