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  1. Ares, channeling the Power gives immunity to normal illness. That's one of the first things established in Eye of the World -- it's how Moiraine tells Nynaeve she can channel. They should be able to avoid most normal accidents, also (as you know from our debates over men who can channel being called "lucky.")
  2. I suspect people are dramatically overestimating the amount of time that Brandon spends reading the forums. Just because something has been discussed doesn't mean that Brandon has seen the discussion. My guess is that we should probably only exclude very major topics -- asmodean, min's prophecies, so forth -- from consideration for that reason.
  3. Keep in mind, Bryne's a heck of a lot older than Rand. A sixty year old many suddenly feeling as healthy as a twenty year old is something he's going to think about; a twenty year old suddenly feeling as healthy as a twenty year old isn't worth commenting on.
  4. No, he suggested something that Fain might have done in Caemlyn, on the way to TV Who's left for Fain to've talked to in Caemlyn who we haven't seen lately? Or did he open the Waygate inside the walls?
  5. So far, it looks like the best contenders are Mat's ashan'darei and the recession of the Blight. Neither has been fully explained, both happened in the appropriate book range, and either could prove pivotal.
  6. That's a really good question. I'd asked myself that before a few times, since I couldn't figure out how the ashan'darei fit in, and decided that either 1) the *finn just like to write people messages engraved on power-wrought weapons, or 2) by ta'veren twisting, it was one of the many power-wrought items in the square, so they just picked it out of everything. All in all it doesn't make much sense though, you're right. Is the ashan'darei steel or iron, even if power-wrought iron?
  7. Trollocs are probably able to digest a great number of things that humans aren't. I imagine they have goatlike digestion, and are probably able to eat Blight wildlife also (since they're Shadowspawn themselves).
  8. Well, we've never really had clarification as to wht it means that (apparently) Narishma will "follow after" Rand.
  9. Well, there's one issue: Cadsuane seems to have left Callandor with some random sisters. Wheee, security!
  10. My suspicion is that BS really didn't have much in the notes to go on re: Mat for this book. My guess is that RJ was putting more work into fleshing out the Genjei sequence than getting Mat to it, so BS just had to get him to Caemlyn in this book without much guidance. I expect we'll see a more familiar Mat in the next book.
  11. I think that's something called "realism." It's not like blademasters all have power levels and you just compare skill levels to see who wins. In the fight where Mat took on Galad and Gawyn, for example, he was taking the fight much more seriously than the two G's were. The random warder who managed to beat Lan 2 out of 7 matches on one day presumably lost hundreds of matches to Lan at other points, and that was years ago (before Lan stopped practicing with other Warders; presumably, he's better now than he was then). Galad now is several year's worth of practice more skilled than he was at th
  12. If Myrelle is at the Black Tower, her grave could be the grave that Nynaeve bends over, full of grief, in Min's viewing.
  13. One other detail that hasn't been discussed yet: I recently had the opportunity to check the Wheel of Time Roleplaying Game sourcebook (I don't have a copy, but a family member does). It gives character statistics for Matrim Cauthon. He is described as having taken the "Dark One's Own Luck" feat three times (which allows him to re-roll die rolls three times a day and take the best one). Those feats are marked with an asterisk, and the footnote to that asterisk reads "Mat has these feats as a result of being ta'veren. If he ever loses his ta'veren status, he loses these feats as well
  14. Somehow, I doubt that. My guess is that her soul was "as white as the Light itself," and she found redemption by her actions. There's the quote early on that "no one can walk so far in the darkness that they cannot find their way to the Light," Ingtar's redemption, etc.
  15. Possibility: Perhaps the wards on that storeroom were keyed in some fashion to "The Amyrlin." I don't see how, but I'm not an Aes Sedai; maybe it's possible.
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