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    I sure do. And no, I haven't inscribed it as of yet because I'm waiting till I find some better haft material. I might use some thicker, 1.25" ash dowel or cut my own from my cousin's land since that's a more realistic material than this garbage pine dowel stuff. Thanks for the comment! I was wondering if this site was dead lol.
  2. Does anybody have a good source for a high-crowned, flat topped, wide brimmed felt hat? I found one from an Amish store that looked about right...lol. PMZ
  3. I'd like to request a thread discussing how Rand has been granted use of the True Power (in the last book), and the ramifications of this. Thanks, PMZ
  4. Well it was blue on the outside, however I "dyed" it, first with concentrated coffee and leather conditioner dye and then with some leather conditioner and boot polish mixed. Probably the problem is that it's chrome tanned leather, not veg tanned like my other stuff. Pics: http://i55.photobucket.com/albums/g126/trekon86/TheFinerThings/00005-1.jpg[/img] Here you can see the aqua, suedelike interior: http://i55.photobucket.com/albums/g126/trekon86/TheFinerThings/00008-2.jpg[/img] Thank you for the comment, I'm glad you like it. :) PMZ
  5. You know, I wonder...is there a similar trick to the "Flame and Void" in reality? Perhaps something one could learn in the martial arts... :) PMZ
  6. But the more I think about this the more I feel full of wonderment. I think it's really interesting how RJ wove elements of our world into the books. That's probably what makes them so believable and seemingly realistic. We can recognize characters in people we know personally or people we have knowledge of. We all know someone like Nynaeve, whose short temper gets in the way of her long-term goals, but who continually mothers people her age. And we recognize Perrin and Master Luhhan, when we think of an older brother, father, uncle or grandfather whose physical strength and quiet demeanor belies his soft heart and shrewd mind. Tam Al'Thor bears a striking resemblance to many ex-military men who came home after WWII or Vietnam and tried to forget the horrors of war, never speaking of their experiences, unselfishly burying their awful memories so deep that it only shows when their are feverishly ill or having flashbacks. Faile is a classic--the kind of woman who knows what she wants and will stalk you to get it. Elayne is recognizeable as the rich kid who grew up practically isolated from the rest of the world but is sure she understands the common man. Perhaps you had a neighbor like her, with her nose perpetually in the air? Haha.. Weaponry of the WOT series also follows similar lines of imagination and reality. The Aiel short spear and buckler system, for instance, was no doubt inspired by the Zulu assegai and bullhide buckler, while the heron mark sword concept was, I would think, heavily influenced by the Japanese katana and wakizashi. Perrin's spiked half-moon battle axe would have been prized by the Anglo-Saxon foot legions, and the knife, sling, bow and quarterstaff were all common weapons historically--the weapons of peasants, who were not permitted (nor was it economically feasible) to own swords or other professional pieces. Not only were they easily explainable, but highly effective--not only for defending kin and property, but also for poaching rabbits, deer and boar from private lands. It amazes me that one man (Robert Jordan) could have been as knowledgeable about history and peoples so as to pull it all together and reprocess it, adding his own imaginatory twists and turns, in the form of a 12+ book series. Incredible. Your thoughts? PMZ
  7. Haha, I'm so obsessed with WOT and the times in our real world here that RJ based his storyline off of that I've been on a "WOT/Medieval" kick for the last few weeks. I even had a friend sew me a Viking tunic. These are some of my latest projects: http://i55.photobucket.com/albums/g126/trekon86/00005-18.jpg[/img] I had made the crappy and thin-looking leaf-bladed spear below years ago from a really lightweight boning knife, but tonight I cut the spear shaft in half making it an Aiel-length spear. Then I split the end of the remaining piece, ground a blade out of an old worn-out file, and lashed it in there with a length of artificial sinew. Methinks it looks much better and uniform than my first attempt. At least I hope so. The medieval style girdle purse I just made the other night, I think it's awful but mostly because of the horrid robin's egg blue chrome dyed leather I made it from. I tried dyeing it but am mostly resigned to it's fugliness by now. The boots are what I call Rand boots haha--East German enlisted men's boots. The knife is just an Old Hickory I modded to a spearpoint and sewed a sheath for. I wetmolded it so it fits nice and tight. I figure that's the type of thing that RJ had in mind when he spoke of "plain belt knives" being worn by WOT characters. Back to my original question...do any of you guys get obsessed with costuming? LOL! PMZ
  8. When a friend with like interests informed me that you'd passed on. Condolences to your family, and rest assured that others will pick up where you left your pen. You have left your mark on our minds and it is of a singularly indelible sort--the mark which does not fade, the mark of the Dragon and the Wheel and interminable seasons of good and ill in another world which you have revealed for all to see and experience. God Bless and Thank You! PMZ
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