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  1. Dragonmount has been a great place to get news about future books and ebooks, a great place to 'meet' other fans and discuss ideas/likes/theories of WoT, share and appreciate fan art and just have a general good time. Happy lucky 13th. Russel (Skuss)
  2. After Egwene confronts Myrelle and goes to take Lan to the hills near Ebou Dar, she skims to get there. Yet, to skim you need to be familiar with the place you are going. That is an inconsistancy to me.
  3. I think it's obvious that Egwene is going to put her head into a bear's mouth. ...twice.
  4. Brandon tweeted to me that: "It might be in their contract. I honestly don't have anything to do with it--that's between Harriet and Tor." "I'll pass on your dissatisfaction, though. I really wonder if this is Harriet, though. She has been hesitant about digital." "Remember, Tor released WAY OF KINGS in digital around the same time as the hardcover. They're behind digital."
  5. Actually most of Tad Williams's books are on Kindle right now.
  6. I am so angry at Tor/Macmillan right now. I purchased a Kindle ebook reader and have purchased the entire released Wheel of Time books in ebook format. I didn't complain when MacMillan decided that they needed to charge more than $9.99 for ebooks and got Amazon to capitulate to their demands--at least now, I thought, I can get my ebooks when they are released in hardcover. I'll even pay the same amount as a hardcover and Macmillan will make more profit. Now I am told that Towers of Midnight will not be released in ebook format for another year? Tor/Macmillan has their heads stuck so far up their backsides that they can't see that ebooks are a GOOD thing. They must feel that they need to punish those of us who don't want to lug massive books around with us, want to be a little more green, or just don't have the physical space for any paper books. I don't know, does Macmillan want to somehow punish Amazon through us. I am organizing a boycott of all Macmillan published books. I am sending this email because I am hoping that it will be seen by somebody at Tor/Macmillan who gives a damn for the readers more than Tor's outdated models of book selling. It's a shame too--I have several Macmillan books for Kindle on Pre-Order, and I will be canceling them. There are lots of authors that I enjoy who Macmillan publishes, and I feel for them, but I hope that this boycott can gain enough steam to be felt in the pocketbooks and maybe they will encourage Macmillan to move into the 21st century. I am going to be posting this, where ever I can online and hopefully Macmillan will see the light soon.
  7. It is available as an eBook now also--I just got it on my Kindle.
  8. the ebook will be released September 28, not November 2.
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