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  1. Sanderson's writing, right now, is too much of the former and too little of the latter to be great. Good, yes - great? No.) That said, from a pure plot perspective, you'd have to be nuts not to like this book. Exactly. This is sort of what I meant by the 'Sanderson-glass' obstructing Randland, only this explanation makes way more sense. I really appreciate it, too, because now I have much better understanding of my problem with Sanderson's writing. For more examples, see his Mistborn trilogy and pretty much any book by R.A. Salvatore.
  2. It isn't just Mat, its the entire book. Here's a quick breakdown: 1) Every character is the same. Its true and you know it. Tuon's lines are indistinguishable from Avienda, Min, Mat, Rand, -- everyone is the same. I have to wonder whether Sanderson ever even considered that these are DIFFERENT PEOPLE. It is literally the same person each time with a different name. 2) The writer. He 'broke the immersion' way more than the absurd dialogue. Its as if the Reader is attempting to be in Randland, but there is a huge, thick pane of Sticky-Sanderson-Glass in the way. You may get the occasional uninterrupted glimpse of what's going on, but for the most part you're sitting there struggling to see anything at all. I hate to be the first real negative reviewer, but this has been a huge disappointment, especially after the positive reviews I saw on this site before reading the book. I kept wondering, how in the world did they miss this? I even suspected TOR of paying people off! TGS is almost on the level of some junk fantasy novel, like Eragon or Twilight. I just don't understand why no one has spoken up about this yet. The last 11 books are the only things that could ever make it worth your time. What a waste.
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