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  1. Wow. I'm sorry I stirred up such a tempest. If I hadn't looked back probably nobody would have noticed that there were repeat names. It's just that it was so disappointing to see my name and get the rush but then get the crush that it isn't me. Twice now. =( I'll be there anyway. My son will be with me as he wants to show off his leather armor Halloween costume made with this event in mind. I also have the privilege of having had my name chosen for one of the bit characters in the book. Although if that hit the cutting room floor I will be doubly crushed. Finger's crossed. In twitchy anticipation for January 8........
  2. So how come, when I go back to search the names chosen for the Tower Guard the same 7 names are listed (plus 3 new ones) as the Memory Keepers in the same bookstore. When I saw my name last time I was told it was someone else with the same first name which is not a common name. Seeing it again made me go look at the names from the last signing. I thought it would be all new people who were never chosen before.
  3. Same here. I see my name but I never got an email. How can we find out if this is us or someone with the same first name and last initial.
  4. my all time favorite is Nynaeve finally submitting and beating her block followed by Lan's rescue of her. I get a big silly grin on my face when I reread that part.
  5. I've been slogging through this and have just started book 7. It is a struggle keeping everything straight. There are so many characters and plot lines that it's very difficult to remember who a character is when they pop up again. I'm normally a voracious reader but I find myself surfing the web rather than diving back into the book when I settle in to reading time. I have a basic concept of the over-all main themes and some characters have become familiar but it's still a struggle to connect all the pieces into a smooth read. It definitely seems like the kind of series you have to re-read to fill in the gaps and fully appreciate.
  6. you know what stinks worse than not seeing your name on the list? Seeing your name only to find out it is someone else with the same name.
  7. it's out! Audiobook style. Gotta wait to listen until after work. I can read at my desk, but not listen.
  8. I'm hoping I'm the right Maureen S in MD. I didn't get an email either. How can we confirm.
  9. tried and failed (does case count? I typed in to stand by a promise)
  10. I tried to stand a chance and a chance to stand and both failed.
  11. to isolate the city may be hard. One question could be "is it in the capital city?" but a no to this leaves all the other cities. I think if you ask about city populations you also won't narrow it down much. I think geographic area may work best for that one. Maybe something like was mentioned about in the northern half of the country and in the eastern half of the country. That will narrow it down to a quarter of the area. You probably should be specific though and say something like "if you draw a line that runs in the north/south direction, directly through the geographic center of the country is the clue on the east side of that line?" Perhaps you could repeat the questions with the city to break it down to quadrants too.
  12. problem with this is that they have to be yes or no answers.
  13. I'm reading on TL too (can't remember my log in to post there). There is question about when the clue was placed and if he did it. Does anyone know if the clues that were found so far were handwritten on the backs of the stickers? If so, he could have arranged to email someone in Australia (or anywhere) and have them write and place a sticker. So a question may be along the lines of "Did you prepare the clue?" or maybe "was the clue placed within the last 48 hours?" If it was someone who travelled to the Australia con and they placed it it would have been longer ago than that. If it is in a book for sale then it may have been sold already. So it may be with an employee like the one in Gainesville was. So maybe something like "do we need to ask a person for the clue?"
  14. I think these would be good for narrowing down location regardless of the country. Since all the questions go in at one time there shouldn't be more than one or two to isolate country. Another would be "Is it in a book that is for sale?"
  15. I think there is a good chance it is in Australia because of the recent Con. I think a flat out "Is it in Australia?" would be worth one of the 10 questions.
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