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  1. I did not think of that AT ALL. You sir, have a strange mind to make that connection. Imagine that guy in bed. He wouldn't scream his partners name; he'd scream his own! LEEEERRROYYYYYY JEEEENKIIINSSSSS! Hahahahahahahaha. Thanks I'll take that as a compliment...I knew being completely random sometimes had to work in my favor. I bet Leroy "pre's". haha
  2. Day 12: Leroy Jenkins. Haha for some reason the "Enough Talk" just reminded me of that video. On a serious note, agreed with above.
  3. OSU: always pretenders, never contenders!

  4. Well, yeah. The only way that it would be possible is if she was some kind of Jenn ghost. Of course, I think that is pretty unlikely. I'm with you, I think it was Verin..I'm just not going to shoot down the possibility, its not like we are reading nonfiction here. :p
  5. For some reason, I got the feeling that she was the last of the Jenn Aiel its definitely not out of the realm of possibility. *shrugs*
  6. In "A Storm of Light", Ituralde mentions Rand destroying the Shadowspawn with Deathgates. Is it likely that he would know what a Deathgate was? The only way I could think he'd know would be if some of his Ashaman told him. that doesn't seem plausible. As far as I know, the only Ashaman that know of the Death gates are with Rand, not Ituralde.
  7. Yet in the end, all his ridiculous power isn't going to help him defeat the DO. If that was the case, he would have just kept the CK. I had no problem with the scene. He's done the same against Trollocs before. The only thing that matters though, is that the LB will not be a cakewalk for him. If it was going to be easy, I think you'd have a good complaint.
  8. Yeah, as much as I enjoyed reading the BT scenes, it was almost sad because I had a feeling we'd be seeing some characters we liked become DF's against their will. Why is Taim waiting to convert Pevara? It seems a little strange that he would do them piecemeal. Can he only convert 1-2 channelers in a limited amount of time? There must be some kind of restriction for him not to just do them all at once.
  9. It wouldn't surprise me at all that it was Verin. Her presence was there in parts of the book. Not only is there a letter given to Tiana, but in one of Perrin's scenes, Galad?, a character gets a mysterious letter. Verin's part isn't done quite yet, I think
  10. I wouldn't be surprised if that is EXACTLY what Rand wanted to happen. He didn't want to argue and wrangle with the Aes Sedai, which he knew is what would happen. I could be wrong, but it might be that Rand wasn't trying to "taveren" her. The straight up impression I got, was that Rand was just manipulating her. It worked pretty well, I might add. This meeting between all of the Light is where he'll lay down the Dragon's Peace. As to whether he is right or wrong....I don't think that's a simple question. I think he is right to break the seals, but that there is other stuff he is missing. He doesn't have all the pieces yet, obviously.
  11. Just about all the male channelers are now 13x13 turned Dreadlords. As poor Barriga found out. We haven't heard of any male aiel channeling since Rand cleansed the taint. Also, for people wondering where all the wise one's were, I believe its indicated that they have all been either leashed or killed.
  12. Yeah, I've always wanted to be a huge fan of Egwene as well. I really enjoy her character when she is only around Aes Sedai, but whenever she's around Rand, Mat, Perrin she kinda treats them like crap. I think that RJ intended Egwene to be a somewhat sympathetic, yet frustrating character. Much the same way he probably would have written Latra Posae.
  13. Its no doubt that RJ intended to Egwene to be Rand's "Latra Posae". The difference is supposed to be that this time, hopefully Rand will find a way to work with her. He KNOWS what happened at the End of the War of the Shadow, and he knows the consequence of men and women being separated in this battle. This is one of the largest themes (if not the largest) of the series, that the greatest things are done with men and women working together. I'm kind of meh on Egwene. I love her when she's being awesome, but I can't stand her when some of her annoying qualities are in the forefront. I do not think you can deny that Egwene almost never gives Rand his due...and to be fair (unless it changes in this book), Rand never really takes her seriously as well. Eventually Trust, another huge theme in the series, will have to be in play for both sides to do what needs to be done.
  14. Ok... will someone play nice and explain that? Maybe I just have a dirty mind, but I believe its referring to one of the characters getting "sexy time".
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