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  1. The being with Lews Therin in the Book one prologue is actually Ishamael, not the Dark One himself. I won't spoil for you whether you will see the DO directly in the series or not, but there will definitely be hints of his intent and nature.
  2. I think she comes across the same as most Aes Sedai. Capable, but not particularly exceptional. I agree with Jack though, her scene after she made the Bargain and Rand is upset, makes me laugh. She was a skilled negotiator but after decades of practice, that is to be expected.
  3. The first time I read the series, I read every word as fast as I possibly could, devouring it. The next couple of times, I skipped over the bits I didn't like, for example the Egwene Nynaeve and Elayne (also most things to do with the Seanchan). I'm now on probably my tenth reread, and enjoy 99.9% of the series. Even the bits I don't enjoy I know add value to the story. I would recommend reading everything, don't skip things otherwise you won't get the full picture.
  4. My favourite book in the series is actually book 6 (fortunately, that's the one I'm up to on my reread!), but I can completely understand anyone who doesn't get that far. My first time around, I didn't think much of it, but now I'm excitedly waiting for Logain to be Healed, for Rand to be kidnapped and the Asha'man to come to the rescue* *I have to confess, on my first read through I thought Taim would turn out to be a good guy
  5. Jordan himself was asked that question, and avoided it. I'm guessing that he was unsure himself, but I would say unless he or Maria etc confirmed it, then it should be regarded as impossible. Similar to the "Can you go back in time and prevent your birth" scenario, we'd never know until someone tried itm but then, how would we know?
  6. As others have said in this thread and others, the differences between Sanderson and Jordan are so huge as to make comparisons unfair. The thing they had in common was a love of world building. Yes, Sandersons dialogue often comes across as unrealistic, however at the same time people complain about characters being left out. One of my personal favourites was Dobraine, but where is he in the Sanderson books? I don't hold this against him, as there was simply too much to be getting on with without worrying about secondary characters. Jordan wouldn't have seen it this way. Had the great man lived, I firmly believe the series would still not be completed.
  7. Rand even mentions this to Moridin, there is no escape. He says something along the lines of "You must know he'll never let you escape" to Moridin. His visions at Shayol Ghul tend to confirm this
  8. I managed to get my wife to read the Eye of the World, on the condition I read a Twilight book. To my credit, I hated every second of it. On the other hand, she ended up reading the first four WoT books, before losing interest. This I feel is a common problem, to the casual reader four books in a series is probably the limit, any more and it feels like a chore. Added to that, you throw in the prologue and the companion/encyclopedia etc....
  9. It's a nice theory, and as plausible as any other, given that the original quote continues to refer to John Glenn and Sally Ride (Salya and her father Lenn). Luckily (for me at least) we'll never know for sure, as it will always remain a mystery.
  10. Personally I'd go with Lord of Chaos. Demandred is my second favourite Forsaken, so I enjoy his two PoVs. Dumais Wells is a great scene, and the Asha'man show how awesome they can be. Rands character progresses well too, he comes across as arrogant but I think that's to hide his insecurities and impatience at others
  11. It's not, I agree. But the BA have form for killing Amyrlins, and Siuan, while not being aware of that, will have wondered at some point. To me, the logical thought process is to let the BA think it's safe until the DR is found and kept safe, then deal with it. If that original plan had worked, she could turn her attention to darkfriend sisters. Siuan sent the three wondergirls out because she didn't know who to trust to deal with the BA.
  12. IIRC one of the things Moiraine and Suain agree on in New Spring is that it is vital the BA do not realise they are aware the Dragon is reborn. Suain may be playing it safe by pretending to ignore the BA, so they don't target her. I would assume she knows they are active, as most high ranking Aes Sedai appear to at least know of their existence.
  13. Actually he continues being rand, and i always thought that rand can change his body again and transform it in to his old body with his ability to manipulate the Pattern. I think that he just want to take a time off for a while before go back like Rand I would really hope he doesn't have that power. The Pattern is about balance, in return for Rands sacrifice he now has the ability to live his life as he chooses, free from the pressure of leading nations. In my opinion, he can make small changes, lighting his pipe, a pocket full of gold etc.The whole thing about Alivia helping Rand to "die" seems more about helping him to end his old life and begin a new one.
  14. As others have mentioned, there are a few that would be impossible to choose from. Veins of Gold - Although we could see it coming, Rands epiphany was still great to see The battle between the Heroes and the Seanchan at Falme, while Rand and Ishamael fought in the sky Rand and Taim meeting for the first time The Cleansing If I HAVE to pick one, it's The Shadow Rising: Chapter 25 - The Road to the Spear Seeing how the Aiel developed as a people, scenes from the Age of Legends, and some of Jordans best writing make it a fantastic piece of writing.
  15. Not really. All three women know it's Rand, even if the body is different. Rand isn't the type of guy not to be their for his children, he comments throughout the series, and especially in the final two books, how well Tam raised him and how good an example of a father he is. It won't be too difficult for Elayne and Aviendha to arrange secret meetings with Rand using the power, and something would be done about Min too.
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