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  1. The Asha'man attacks on Rand in Far Madding were ACTUALLY sent by Moridin himself. Though, to see whether Moridin could actually be Mazrim Taim or not, just look at the first time Moridin comes into existence versus Taim's first appearance. It would make tons of sense, but I doubt the connection.
  2. Noal Charin is Jain Farstrider's cousin. Or so he claims; most speculate he is actually Jain Farstrider. Edit: This seems like the wrong spot to put this; I'm not sure. Hoping a moderator can decide and move/not move this topic. :-[
  3. Makes perfect sense. Explains everything in a somewhat confusing way, but it makes sense! Kudos!
  4. Balefire - weave of the Power discovered and used liberally by both sides during the War of Power for nearly a year. After that, both sides stopped using it, without a truce or anything. Entire cities were burned out by this. The Pattern continued, and the Wheel kept on spinning. Hmm.. Imagine it all as a sort of water driven spinning wheel. The water = the One Power that drives the Wheel, the Wheel has seven spokes, representing each an Age, and both spin out the Pattern, a specific network of lives that are, were and will be lived. Balefire then, if applied to this analogy, is the same as it is described - 'the cutting of threads permanently from the Pattern.' It's like cutting threads with a pair of scissors from the thread being spun into the "Blanket of Ages." There are holes, everywhere, marking where Balefire was used - War of Power, some instances by Moiraine, Rand, etc. The Pattern continues to spin despite this permanant removal of thread(s). What was done prior by the person (thread) burned from the Pattern, depending on the amount of Power used against them to weave Balefire, will revert the actions of the slain person back to a certain point. It is impossible to drive back what a person did entirely (Rahvin) - only from minutes to days - No one could possibly wield that much of the Power, even with the Choedhan Kal. However, if a thread is burned, then the Pattern continues regardless. Those who witness the occurence of Balefire being used WILL REMEMBER the ACTION, and the PEOPLE, PLACE, THINGS, ETC, that were there before they were 'Balfire'd' from the Pattern. But, as Nynaeve's sinking boat, Moghedien balefire'd it in half - it went from floating to sinking and near underwater in a moment. Thus it burned the thread that showed the boat being cut in half, and it's first moments of sinking. Balefire is like a NUCLEAR MISSILE - dangerous to control, dangerous to use, dangerous to study, BUT easy to wipe out entire civilizations if wished.. Insanity, grief, and madness, as well as the permanent removal of past lives that were balefired removes them permanently from the Pattern, erasing any possible future lives they could have lived.
  5. My Theory on Moridin being the other person LTT talks of: Moridin - or Elan Morin Tedronai, as his past body was called, was equal to Lews Therin Telamon in the Power. He was also the first to propose the theory that the battle between the Dark One and the Creator had gone on forever, in a never-ending cycle - both using human surrogates. Elan Morin soon turned to the dark, and became Ishamael. He was the Dark Lord's champion, just as Lews Therin had been for the Light. More than likely, if not for Lews Therin's existence, and the War of Power had still come into play, Elan Morin Tedronai would have become the being known as the Dragon. Then again, that could just be all hoohah. We know Moridin wants Rand alive at the Last Battle; he's never stopped trying to turn Rand to the Dark, just as he never stopped trying to turn LTT as Ishamael. He could have also possibly 'linked' with LTT in the past Age as he had with Rand in Shadar Logoth. This would explain how he was able to find LTT possibly, in TEotW Prologue, as well as finding Rand, LTT's reincarnation, at various points of the books. Either Moridin turns him, kills him, or is killed.
  6. Six Gholam were created by Aginor; Three male, three female, and unfortunately one survived in a stasis box Sammael found. Eventually Mat or someone will figure out that silver is what burns it..then they'll make nothing but silver arrows and sword xD At least until it dies.
  7. They had the Singing - involved Ogier, Nym, and Da'shain Aiel 'linked' in a circle, "singing" the One Power into the crops, protecting them from blight, disease, and maximizing their nutritional and growth capacity. We know this from Rand's various depictions of the Aiel's past in Rhuidean. There was also a ter'angreal Aviendha 'read' that had to do with this in KoD
  8. All of them. The Forsaken... Why are evil/insane people always so cool yet so flawed? :-[
  9. "The Wheel of Time turns, and Ages come and pass..." Everything DOES GO IN CIRCLES :o
  10. But Guaire Amalasan also channeled using tainted saidin. Perhaps he's who Lews Therin often refers to as us? 'You, me,and the other one' LTT quote - Not exactly as stated, but still.
  11. Lews Therin's voice in Rand's head is a result of his being the Dragon Reborn. LTT was the Dragon in the Age preceding Rand's, and thus there are two souls in one body - Rand and LTT. Otherwise the slow blending of the two's souls wouldn't give Rand several quirks (thumbing his earlobe and humming at pretty women) and talents he has now (drawing, saidin weaves - Blossoms and Arrows of Fire, the Mask of Mirrors, Gateways, Skimming, Using Callandor to kill all of the Shadowspawn in TSR in the Stone of Tear..) only LTT would know, or an Aes Sedai from the AoL, or a Forsaken..) , or the overlapping memories between him and LTT. Lews Therin Telamon's a real voice in Rand's head.
  12. I usually read most books at about 100 pages an hour, so probably 7-9 hours in reading most of the WoT books. Surprisingly, I'm able to keep track of everything that's going on. I'm currently on WH - recapping in the wait for The Gathering Storm to come to my house.
  13. Just look at the continent of Seanchan before Luthair Paendrag and his descendants took it over. It was full of scheming female Aes Sedai who continued to turn against and ally one another for their own goals. Then he was given the a'dam. After that, he never had a problem with women channelers. ;D Male Channelers wouldn't have made the Three Oaths, or used subtle influence to pull the strings of politics. They'd get right down to the point by calling together their army, Traveling to the warring countries, and absorb it into the Male Channeler's Domain. The End.
  14. If not for the Da'shain Aiel, Ogier, and Nym Singing..... How would you FEED that many people come harvest time... Now I see why Aginor made Trollocs. :P
  15. The Wheel of Time turns, and Ages come and pass. What was, what is, and what shall be may yet fall under the Shadow. Let the Dragon be Reborn on the winds of Time. May you find water and shade when you awaken from the dream, Rector.
  16. That was given as an example number. We don't know for sure how many people were alive during the War of Power. We do know that it lasted for 10 years. In that time, Aginor's harvesters rounded up around 10,000 a day - men, women, and children, to feed his Trolloc hordes. I'd have to say there was at least 6 billion, if not more. Think about their lifespans during the time, non-channelers lived around 150-200 years, while some, or most channelers lived to maybe up to 700-800 years old. It's quite possible; and yes, their methods of birth control were perfect.
  17. I'm going to get that darn book now! :P -goes to read-
  18. In truth, the male Aes Sedai did not go mad at the instant the Bore was sealed, except for Lew Therin Telamon and his sixty-odd remaining Hundred Companions. Many other male channelers wondered what the taint was on the Source, and most either burned themselves out trying to fix it, some just went mad after continuing to use over time, and some went to the stedding, where they wouldn't be able to access the One Power, and thus be safe from the taint on saidin. Lews Therin and his Hundred Companions went crazy on the instant, seeing as they were at the Bore when it was sealed. For everyone else it was probably over course of time due to exposure to saidin and its taint, and them not at the Bore when it was patched up.
  19. Lanfear is known, as her chosen name in the Old Tongue, as 'The Daughter of the Night'. She is the only one of the Forsaken to have taken her name herself - the other twelve took them in scorn and many curses. She is not the Daughter of Nine Moons, and I highly doubt Mat or Rand would let her live.
  20. Even in the Age of Legends, the amount of channelers (both men and women) was relatively small compared to the total population. Maybe around 5% could channel the One Power. Now in current times, around say, 2-3% can channel, and perhaps less than 1% have the spark inborn, while the rest can learn to channel by being taught. Some estimations..
  21. As Asmodean, my personally favorite Forsaken.... I wouldn't go into that closet. Never, for the life of me.. Even if it had all the musical instruments from my past Age...or even if Semirhage tortured me 4 out of the 7 days in the week..
  22. I don't think it's so much that he can't as it is that he doesn't care. He created the world, created the people, gave them free will, then left them to do with the world what they would. Why should Randland be any more important than the other worlds he's created? Nynaeve all of a sudden figuring out how to heal death would be the biggest lamest Deus Ex Machina I've ever read in a book. I think RJ was a little more imaginative than to have to resort to something like that. When the Creator made the Wheel of Time, he sealed the Dark One outside of the Pattern. Then the Creator, in his almighty glory, forged the world we know as Randland. And, as events went in the AoL, scientists seeking a source of Power than both men and women Aes Sedai could wield, they made the Bore in the Dark One's prision. From there he was able to wreak havoc upon the global civilzation, and the Pattern and Wheel of Time spun out the savior of mankind that would be the Creator's human surrogate upon the world. In this sense it was the man who sat First in the Hall of Servants, Lews Therin Telamon. The Dark One's human surrogate was more than likely Elan Morin Tedronai, scorned and cursed by men who named him Ishamael, while those same peoples called Lews Therin the Dragon. The Creator set up an anti-virus security firewall and protection system against any hack attempt by the Dark One on the Wheel of Time. The Pattern can be viewed as the 'Firewall', and the one known as the Dragon can be seen as the 'Virus and Hacking Stopper/Slayer'. Hope that clears it up..
  23. Sorry about the Golem confusion. I was referring to Golems, as in Dungeons and Dragons. D&D Cuendillar Golems would be pretty much invincible.. Unless you had enough time to remove the heartstone from it limb by limb.. Please excuse the inconvenience and assumption I made. :-\
  24. The Aelfinn and Eelfinn were probably discovered sometime in the transitioning century/ies from the 1st Age to the age known as the AoL. It was probably accidental, as a result of learning and studying Portal Stones, which most of us know predate the AoL. More than likely the ToG is the central doorway to the actual 'otherworld' of both of the enigmatic beings. But, probably in the AoL, Aes Sedai made doorways to both of them, ter'angreals that gave users a limited time, etc., bargaining time, with which they could learn more, and such. The Tower of Ghenjei is more than likely made from Aes Sedai work, possibly in conjunction with human workmen as well as the Aelfinn and Eelfinn. Only the 3 novels coming up will tell us in the future.
  25. Simple. Saidin was tainted even as the seven cuendillar seals were placed to patch up the Bore but Lews Therin and his surviving 60-odd Companions (assuming by now all of the warmen have died, more than likely..). Thus those cuendillar pieces were degrading slowly, just as, depending on length of use in some cases, (before it was cleansed in WH) that the male half of the One Power slowly rotted away men's bodies, as well as their minds, turning them to madness. And on the subject of Gateways- Yes, they can be tied off, but still not sure on that, since I don't recall reading of any who could open a Gateway tying off the weave and leaving it open. Also take into the fact Gateways are essentially, holes in reality (credits to Demon_AS) , either going through/beyond the Pattern to reach one's destination(saidin), or via an image of it(saidar). If this topic's idea was suggested, more than likely I think the Gateway weave would NOT hold. The cuendillar tunnel/archway would simple absorb it, and become immune to it.. ..Why doesn't anyone just make Cuendillar Golems..
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