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  1. The other day I saw what is exactly the ancient Aes Sedai symbol on a CAD drawing. If anybody is a CAD expert, is the symbol used in drafting for something? I couldn't figure it out, especially since I couldn't figure out what the CAD drawing was showing - it was a part that I had never seen in my life, and the drawing wasn't very clear, but the symbol was in the center of the top view of the part (I think). I just thought of posting this here, because I thought it was a cool coincidence.
  2. I completely disagree with you. To me it was the Pattern really playing a joke on Talmanes with the ups and downs of his fate, and my emotions as well. First you have the part where it's mentioned that he got cut by the Fade, and I knew he was a dead man. But then there is this Borderlander applying some kind of poltice on his wound, I think maybe, just maybe. But then Talmanes is barely on his feet and his troops are surrounded only to be rescued by Guybon, and we hear that the last two Kinswomen are on the way and now there really seems to be hope for Talmanes, but alas, no, because only one kinswoman is left and she does not the skill for such a wound, but in Talmanes still does his job and the end leaves a small hope, because he probably died, but maybe someone shows up right then to save him. So no, I am not underwhelmed at all, and besides all this I thought it was effective to the whole story to have what is probably the majority of the battle of Caemlyn in the prologue.
  3. Another interesting thing I noticed regarding Mordeth's evil on my current re-read of WoT is when Aginor and Balthamel catch the group at the Eye, Aginor says that they tracked them by following Mat (he points at Mat, who was carrying the dagger at the time). And Aginor says something along the lines of an old enemy, an old friend. So though Fain himself may be unique to this Age, Mordeth's evil may have existed in the Age of Legends, too.
  4. We dont want out beloved series to end! NEVER! And there are no real beginnings or endings just turnings of the wheel (we'll read the last book when its released then read them from first to last again and again or maybe thats just me ) Actually, for every re-read, you should change the name of the main characters. Do this six times, then repeat with Rand, Mat, Perrin etc.
  5. Another argument in Rand's favor: I was thinking of the Midnight Towers in the prophecy, and how they very likely refer to the Forsaken. At first, I thought that this disputes Rand's candidacy to the Broken Wolf title because every time the Forsaken have gone up against Rand they lost. And in all honesty, I find it unfair that Rand gets 3 different names in the prophecy, while Mat and Perrin only get one. BUT... now thinking more about the Towers, I realize that the Broken Wolf must be Rand and he will be "consumed" by them.(as in lose to the Forsaken) Until now Rand's confrontations have been one-on-one with the Forsaken, and he always came on top. Then you have the cleansing of saidin, where a bunch of Forsaken showed up, and where Rand did not even directly participate. But despite them showing up in numbers, they did not act in unison, and they were beaten. Now, it looks like the story is heading towards a major showdown between Rand and Moridin, and though part of it will probably be at the mental level, there will also be a physical battle. Why? Because Rand said in ToM that the only option left was war, the Shadow had tried to win by other means and failed. But for that showdown you have Rand, the most powerful channeler in the world, and a super ta'veren, against Moridin another powerful channeler, and user of the True Power. But Moridin now has what other Forsaken did not truly have in the past: the complete "cooperation" of other Forsaken; he controls Moghi and Cyndane, and most likely Graendal, too. Demandred is the only one left not under Moridin's direct control. He could easily destroy their mindtraps, and they would become his puppets, and he could use them as weapons against Rand. So in the end if Moridin does beat Rand, is with the help of the other Forsaken. I also predict that Moridin will let Demandred go at it against Rand only to lose and die, or at least get him to fail so he would have an excuse to mindtrap Demandred as well.
  6. I was just reading in the "The World of Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time" about the Aiel War. There is a section which lists which countries participated at the Battle of the Blood Snow, and how large their forces were. Arad Doman is not mentioned, though in CoT, Rodel Itularde and another Domani lord, Shimron, recount fighting together at the Blood Snow. And if I remember correctly, in New Spring, Lan commands a company of soldiers which includes Domani. So is it a mistake, or did the Domani only send a small contingent which was incorporated in larger groups?
  7. In ToM, where is Aviendha's timeline in relation to Rand's timeline?
  8. Hello!!! There is a ter'angreal currently in use. The IPod. It's really that music box which contains hundreds of songs. Steve Jobs did not invent it, but he did find it buried while he was digging a tunnel underneath Bill Gates' house. He figured out how it works and put in mass production. It doesn't require the One Power.
  9. Hi, haven't been on these forums since ToM was released, but I've slowly started to watch it and this is my first comment. That said, I fail to see in this post of yours who do you think is Demandred. I mean yeah, Roedran was my guess, too, for a long time now, but I've personally given up on guessing. So is this thread basically Demandred=Roedran, or something else?
  10. Actually the last time we saw Logain was in Altara. He was with Rand when he went to meet the Daughter of the Nine Moons and turned out to be Semirhage. So of course, the big question is where did he go right after that? Rand kept Traveling for a while but then moved to Arad Doman. Did Logain accompany him? Doubt it. I looked through TGS and Bashere went to speak to the Seanchen with Flinn this time, and not Logain. I said in another post that the Darkfriends in the BT tried to capture Logain but he escaped and went into hiding, probably in a stedding. That's my opinion at least.
  11. OK, so here are my predictions for AMOL without any influence from the other posts since I haven't read any. The Field of Merillor Not much will happen here except for a short debate about the seals, short because it will be interrupted by dire news from Caemlyn, and possibly the White Tower. And also maybe by Demandred attacking the camp (fingers crossed). So then all the armies will scramble about to get where they are needed. There will be great shouting and gesticulating, and some threats thrown back and forth, all ending with Rand using his super ta'veren powers to restore order and take command (after all, Lewis Therin was commander of all the forces of the Light, so why not?) He will then send appropriate armies to deal with Trollocs and maybe the Seanchen. Now if Rand learns about how the Trollocs attacked Caemlyn, he will realize that probably all the Waygates are unguarded and virtually all the major cities are in peril. Rand himself will go to Tarwin's Gap to help Lan. SIDE NOTE: Long ago on the forums of wotmania I predicted massive Trolloc attacks through the waygates. I also predicted that the Ogier will come into play here. For example, Stedding Shangtai, where the Stump is taking place is fairly close to Tear. Would be awesome that right when the Trollocs move in to besiege the Stone, and King Darlin (or Rand) is desperately trying to break the siege, the Ogier come to the rescue led by Loial. Also, since Ogier can be transported through gateways, Rand can then send them to guard or defend all the places where there are Waygates. But here is something that would blow people's minds. What if Rand goes into the Ways destroys the Black Wind and heals them, thus allowing the Ogier to use them and fight Trollocs right there, where numbers might not mean much because of the allowable space. The Black Tower Really not sure about this one. I suspect Pevara and Androl will organize an escape attempt, which I think will fail, thus allowing the readers to finally see what this 13x13 conversion to the Shadow is about from Pevara's POV. However, the survivors will be rescued at the last moment by a combined effort involving Logain and his buddies, Aes Sedai, and Perrin, and maybe Rand. The Black Tower is destroyed, Taim is killed, and Rand gives Logain command of all the remaining Asha'man. The Seanchen Mat needs to reign in his wife. Enough said. There will be an epic three-way battle at Shayol Ghul between Rand, Moridin, and the wild card formerly known as Fain.
  12. Moiraine herself had threatened to kill the three boys if things went bad. So obviously Lan would the same if she had told him.
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