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  1. If you actually read my post you will see that I 100% agree that that was her role. My point is that the reason that her arc feels flat to some is not because her role was actually small - it just wasn't presented in a satisfying or convincing way.
  2. My understanding was that she needed him (or Slayer) to shift her into the real world because gateways couldn't be opened into Shayol Ghul. --- In other things, I think while it would have been cool to see more exploration of her past and her understanding of the nature of the bore, and maybe learning about her motivations to drill into it in the first place, a redemption arc was definitely NOT possible. I think she's been shown throughout the books to be irredeemable and she also had the knowledge of how to open the bore - she couldn't have been allowed to live on in after the war to do it again someday.
  3. Like everything else, Merrilor was executed in an extremely sloppy way. However, I imagine that in Jordan's notes that was indeed the essence of Moiraine's role - to help convince Rand to completely embrace his true destiny in a way that even post VoG he still didn't understand (leave the battle, face the DO immediately, trust in the strength of those who follow you), and to help unite the nations (and Egwene) behind the dragon. It was written horribly, but had it been written well, I don't see that as a small role.
  4. Ultimately I think the quality of the writing, the pacing, the countless inconsistencies in everything from characters's thoughts to numbers of troops and channelers (and their abilities) , the lack of emotional weight, the lack of subtlety, the tossing aside of world building, the lack of internal monologue to show us the reasons behind the actions that are described to us, amongst countless other things - all in all reflect that from a writing perspective these final three books were appallingly bad. That said, I feel like I shouldn't have expected much more - Sanderson may be a decent writer in his own work, but being tasked with taking years to finish the work of another man who was a better author than you and spent 20 years developing his story is next to impossible to get right. I'm just glad we got the ending, and from the point of view of having closure on the series, I was able to enjoy the series for what it was, quality issues aside. I found that I read these books a lot faster than I did RJ's volumes, mainly because the subtlety and consistency wasn't there to have me holding on to and analyzing the relevance of every line and thought and action. It was more just, get the general gist of the event, flesh out how I think it it really should have gone in my head based on everything Jordan told us about the characters, their motivations, their numbers, their abilities, and move on to find out how it ends. I probably will rarely, if ever, reread Sanderson's volumes but I will always go back to books 4-6 and cherish them knowing the general feel of how things were supposed to end.
  5. Channelers were definitely severely nerfed in both power and number - I feel like with the number of channelers Jordan described, the number of angreal and sa'angreal involved, and how high the stakes were, a true all out war between those forces should have ripped apart the world on the scale of the breaking. Instead they were relegated to the role of supply and travelling, and cutting each other weaves. Definitely not consistent with the rest of the series, but what can you do.
  6. I will add my two cents that as the book went on and we got more hints about Demandred's bond with the Sharans and how he relished the taste he had of having a nation truly love him, I really expected things to end differently. My guess was that the forces of light would only overcome his armies because he was going to realize Rand was already at Shayol Ghul and thus would abandon his forces to travel there - enraged not only at Rand but also at Ishamael and the DO. Perhaps it would have been more believable for him to die there, but I'm sure such an important decision for Lan to kill him on the battlefield was made by RJ.
  7. Demandred's role and arc were honestly my favorite part of this book, and pretty much the only part that kept me unsure of how things would be resolved. Despite all the other problems, from the decrease of number of forces of the light, nerfing of channelers, Perrin randomly being too tired to engage in battle, and to me the single most important problem - lack of EMOTIONAL WEIGHT and perspective during the battles in favor of killing wave after wave of shadowspawn, I loved Demandred's role. Sure there was a lot of plot armor going on and illogical actions and Sandersonisms but those are all things that I very much expected from this book after the last two - I simply decided to take them at face value and enjoy the book for what it is. Many others have already touched on the things that made his story satisfying and I simply want to add my voice to theirs. I love the fact that Demandred, ever second best, ever in LTT's shadow took it upon himself to fulfill the prophecies of the dragon or their equivalent in Shara. I love that he played a similar role of saviour to the Sharan nation that Rand did to RL and as is his fate, came up short again. I love that he was never able to come to terms with the fact that Ishamael was Rand's equal and opposite, not himself - to the point that he believed it inevitable and predestined that Rand would need to come and face him in the Last Battle. I love that he never got the chance to face Rand - it fits with the great irony that while Demandred has dedicated his entire life to trying to prove himself as LTT/Rand's better, to Rand he was simply an afterthought. I love the fact that his personality and actions changed as he rose to power in Shara - that he fell in love with a woman, that he came to care for his people, that he became fond of an insignificant old man, that he wanted to create a world after the last battle where he could protect his people. These things I'm sure are a big factor as to why he was noted by colleagues as being suddenly more obsessed with personally killing LTT and irrationally hating him to an even greater extent - he finally had a true taste of what life could have been like if LTT had not been there to take the woman he loved, to take the role of leadership that he so desired, to take the love of nations from him. I personally loved the fact that he didn't just casually wave his hand and destroy the armies of the light - it fit with his view of the world. While he clearly did not shy away from being cruel, brutal, selfish, downright evil (killing the inhabitants of two entire AoL cities), he also had very little interest in truly annihilating the forces of the light and their world - to him DO was an alternate deity, and alternate pathway to give him a chance to prove himself as a champion of dark on the level that LTT was for the light, and an opportunity to for him to defeat his nemesis. He wasn't particularly interested in destroying all of RL, and was more interested in slowly battering them, destroying their hope, breaking their will, using them to draw out LTT and simultaneously have LTT's forces acknowledge Demandred as his better. He didn't need to completely destroy the forces of the light, since in his mind his god would simply remake the world in his image and subjugate them once LTT had been drawn out and defeated. It was more of, wherever you're hiding, watch as I slowly destroy your people, crush their hope, kill the brother that your queen loves, order the death of your childhood sweetheart (via Taim obviously), kill your own brother, have our forces capture your lover and cut your children from her womb before she dies - the man he knew would see these things and have to come face him. Obviously much of his plan didn't work out as he wished, and obviously there was a lot of plot armor and convenience involved in the telling of his story, but if you accept that this was always going to be a flawed story once RJ died, then I like the overarching ideas behind his arc and his decisions. Sure the execution was sloppy, but at this point, its what we have and I'm ok with that.
  8. Just read the entire book in one sitting so I'm a bit disoriented and unclear on some stuff towards the end but. When Rand comes out of the cave carrying Moridin - is that still Rand as Rand, or Rand as Moridin?
  9. I hate to say this Suttree because I'm not looking for conflict but your posts come across as very defensive. I can only provide the perspective of one person who has lurked here (and elsewhere) for years upon years and has posted every now and then since Brandon took over and I can honestly say that I've never seen this level of negativity on this board, or any other WoT community before. And I know that you, Luckers, Fish, and other are all very passionate fans who've contributed positively to this community for a long time and I have in general had a lot of respect for your views over the years. I even agree with you guys on the vast majority of points. However, despite your good intentions, I have to say that from my perspective all of the negativity has really made coming here a lot less fun. I fully believe there is a place for constructive criticism - however, one month from the release of AMOL, I truly believe that now is not that time. I have been largely avoiding DM lately, and will continue probably continue to do so over the next month, simply because I think its down to that time where it doesn't make sense to do much else other than enjoy the anticipation and get ready for the end of this series. Reading on various WoT communities usually is a big part of that for me to build excitement but the negative vibe here means that this probably won't be one of them for the first time in ages.
  10. I have to admit, I've been avoiding Dragonmount in the buildup to AMOL because of the constant negativity surrounding the release and Brandon's work. I've always felt TGS and TOM were flawed, even when TGS was met with incredible enthusiasm by the majority of the fanbase, and I do find it a lot harder to reread or discuss Brandon's volumes because of the unreliable nature of the continuity and characterization. However, it is simply pointless to create this immense air of negativity that has surrounded discussion of AMOL here lately. Ever since RJ passed it was clear that any writer would have a hard time delivering the end of the series the same way RJ would, and that's fine. For all it's flaws, I really enjoyed reading TGS just as I really enjoyed reading the last 2/3 of TOM, and I'm sure as I'll enjoy reading AMOL. Yeah it won't be perfect but as Terez said, this is what we have now amd we may as well accept it. Harriett, Brandon, and everyone else involved were truly left with an impossible task, and there's no point questioning whether or not they've done their best. They've worked incredibly hard to bring us the ending to a series that has greatly affected many of our lives and I don't think we should focus in the negatives. Personally, I just want to sit back and enjoy the ending to a saga that has been with me since my childhood.
  11. Not this time. Probably done 10 re-reads over the years and to be honest don't want to be any more aware of any sandersonisms and inconsistencies than i have to be.
  12. This is god awful. I was patient through TGS and TOM, taking them for what they were - buildup to the ultimate climax. This is the final book, there's no more room for patience, no more room for filler, no more room for mistakes, or for filling pages with childish scenes like Avi sneaking through the camp, or Rand's ridiculous letter to Elayne, or talking about sleeping with rand, or the immature reactions of Pevara/Androl, or the oversimplification of character's thought processes and ability to reason. This is a book that should have a sense of urgency from page 1 until the finish line - the world is supposed to be ending. Avi's people are on a course to wiped from the earth in a protracted and humiliating way, and she's wasting time sneaking through a camp to talk about Rand? How are there still basic mistakes in the mechanics of the one power/linking/first sister bond that fans can pick up on first site but a team of editors can't pick up over multiple revisions. To say I'm disappointed in the prerelease materials is an understatement of massive proportions. The prologue held some promise but even then, "dreadbane", "dreamshard", Talmanes turning black from the myrdraal taint, worst of all Talmanes miraculously surviving in the nick of time.
  13. Lets pretend that attraction in the real world isn't influenced at all by perceptions of appearance, status, wealth, etc. Actually, let's not, because that would be completely retarded!. Even if part of her attraction for LTT was generated by his power/wealth/status, that doesn't mean she doesn't love him. People in the real world are initially attracted to one another for all kinds of shallow reasons, and then more meaningful relationships develop over time. Now, she may be violent, crazy, delusional, whatever, but she obviously felt that she loved LTT and I don't see her mental instability as a valid reason to discount this. What you feel is what you feel, but if you're crazy and have weird mood swings or have anti-social/manipulative tendencies that dominate at certain times, that doesn't mean that your previous feelings didn't exist and won't in the future. If it was all about power, why didn't she go for Ishy (pre-TP destruction of his appearance, or Demandred, or some other powerful individual. She remained attached to LTT/rand for an incredible amount of time, and the extremely jealous and violent way she reacted suggests that she was deeply hurt by the fact that she was rejected in two lifetimes. So basically, she loved him, she just also happened to fit the Crazy/Hot scale to a T. http://images4.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20110205005948/himym/images/a/ab/BlogHotCrazyScale.jpg
  14. Yeah by no means was I suggesting that she wouldn't enjoy any fantasy, but rather just this type of epic fantasy that's based on the archetypes found in LotR
  15. And more: Mat: Tech N9ne - Caribou Lou You know why. Because Matrim bloody Cauthon likes to party, and what's a party without girls and alcohol? http://www.youtube.com/watch?'>http://www.youtube.com/watch?'>http://www.youtube.com/watch? v=70GmGvvYxN4 Dumai's Wells: Burzum - Det Som Engang Var After about 4 minutes, the mood of this track really sums up the massive, unrestrained violence of Dumai's Wells. http://www.youtube.com/watch? v=MBll5LyMnAw Lan&Nynaeve: Rise Against - The Good Left Undone A song about a guy who understands that his relationship with his partner will be ultimately harmful to her. He leaves her for what he perceives to be her own good, but loves her and always wishes circumstances were different so that he could return. http://www.youtube.com/watch? v=zs2mBoWBQLA
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