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  1. not true. i worked in retail from entry level to managing 300k a week in sales before moving to distribution. they could have them from the press to the shelves in 3 days if they pushed and a week being lazy. maybe the hold up is from pre-print, i don't know, but it's not the impression i get. this is an industry that has always set the pace of its own business and done things just because that's how it has always been done. maybe it's just me, but i resent that and enjoy my ability to say so in a bunch of places. yes, but again this is just failure to understand their market. this is the twelth thirteenth fourteenth book in a series, are they expecting people who see it on the "bestseller list" to think that's a good place to start reading?
  2. i understand the criticism that luckers and others feel about BS' writing, i just disagree with their conclusion. i think that he did an excellent job of finishing the story. i can go for a hundred and sometimes two hundred pages without something in the scene reminding me that it wasn't RJ who wrote it. i think that he carried all of the major scenes very well, and that it is unreasonable to expect or demand more from him. unfortunately RJ died before he could finish it, but i don't understand why some think that team jordan should have gotten a different author. I don't think that any author could have written books as scrutinised as these and not had small discrepencies show up in them. minor issues<good storytelling = good job
  3. this is exactly whats wrong with the publishing industry. if they were to release 2 weeks earlier on say dec. 20 they could push it to amazon for a guaranteed pre-christmas delivery. Just the announcing of the release date would lock in the what do you want for christmas pre-orders. and that, of course, doesn't even begin to touch what they could have done with a digital release. but that's not how the publishing industry works. they've never had to deal with the business on anything but their own terms and so they fight it tooth and nail, but guaranteed they will be surprised/hurt/disappointed that there are so many pirate copies around by feb.
  4. ya i don't think Demi will ever come back to the light, but i wonder if he might refuse to support, or even attack Mordeth. I do agree with barid that Demi will be/is very upset about the whole "not really going to get to rule the world forever" thing. his whole character is that he wants everyone to acknowlege him as superior to LT. if there is nobody left around to feed the ego, i don't see him as gung-ho about the whole idea. soooo...kill Mordeth. if it doesn't work then he is toast blacker than Sammy, but if it does, and he can present the DO with a fait accompli, he might believe (rightly?) that he can pull that off. and then he would be the one defeating LT at TG.
  5. hmmm. lot of interesting comments. my own thoughts on hearing that passage were that Weilyns' capture means Taim et al. know where Logain will be tomorrow and intend to ambush him.
  6. i too have thought that for a long while. i think, though, that the pattern has been trying to heal itself ever since the bore was drilled and at this point the seals are the only thing keeping it open. if rand breaks/removes the last seal(s)? (how many are left now?) then the bore will close itself. how quickly or slowly that is is a question, and how much can the d.o. accomplish while it is open is another. i think the d.o. sees this as a more long term struggle. he could have had rand killed a hundred times over throughout the series, but he chose not to. i think for the d.o. to win rand/lews therin/light champion has to choose to free him. we saw rand's frustration and anger almost drove him to that place at the end of t.g.s. if not for the veins of gold he might have gone there. okay, so the d.o. knows that, at worst, rand will come and seal the bore and he will lose this time, but...."the wheel of time turns, and ages come and pass, leaving memories that become legend. legend fades to myth, and even myth is long forgotten when the age that gave it birth comes again." he will get another chance. he only has to win once, old ishy/moridin is right about that.
  7. excellent o.p. terez. well researched and presented. bravo. i really like the balefire causing the pattern to unravel theory. my own take on it is that he (demandred) or whomever would not have to balefire large numbers of people. this is even implied during his conversation with the d.o. "THEN LISTEN, AND SERVE. HEAR WHO WILL DIE AND WHO LIVE." if he were targeting specific individuals ta'veren, near ta'veren, or someday might be ta'veren it could have the same effect. i was surprised you didn't cite the strongest (in my mind) piece of evidence against taimendred. (seriously, i don't understand why people have clung so hard to that idea). "That tottering old man was an Asha'man!" demandred did not recognize damer flinn during the attack on shadar logoth at the end of w.h. the first man at the farm that taim tested and found could use the power. i remember reading that back 10 years ago and putting the book down to go find my copy of l.o.c. to verify it. up until then i think Jordan had been leading us to think that they were the same, but that is pretty clear evidence that they are not. finally, i guess i just don't like the idea of demi being reordan. it certainly fits, but i like my own crackpot theory on what demi has been up to, and i'm gonna cling to it no matter what! i think he has been consolidating his "rule" of the darkfriends in randland. with every fighting man in the world off fighting t.g. they will come out and riot in every small town and large city across randland. if they are organized they could cause a lot of chaos and harm without any real way to stop them short of pitched battles in the street. absolutely no evidence for it, it's just my own crack idea so don't be too hard on it again, an excellent o.p.
  8. so, got my copy. reading chapter 1 again now. does anyone else think it a coincidence that the great ships with red sails, and the red veiled aiel? don't know yet, just thinking. okay, back to book. don't bother me for 2 days!
  9. i don't think the suldam can "command" like compulsion. they rely on the fact that the adam makes the damane feel sick when they try to do proscribed actions. specifically, damane are never allowed near the edge of heights because they might jump. if all it took was a command not to kill yourself, then that wouldn't be neccessary. im not real clear on if those actions are preset in the adam, or if they are commands from the adam, but the previous example makes me lean toward as part of the adam, and not modifiable. even damane who had been long collared would start to question their captivity, if it was known that suldam could channel. it is difficult to suppress an idea. the more interaction they had with "free" channelers the more that idea would spread, even if just among themselves.
  10. so i have a theory about the seanchan. as of the ending of tgs they still seem focused on "the return" and conquering randland in preparation for TG. something from Cadsuanne pov in tgs caught my attention though. she has several AS that she trusts trying to work out weakness of the adam. i think that they will succeed. something that would allow a damane to be able to remove the collar herself. obviously that wouldn't have much effect on native seanchan damane who think that they should be collared. but if information like that was widely spread in randland it would put a serious crimp in their expansion plans. especially if it spread to randland born damane that the seanchan had already captured. some of them are too beaten down to try escape, but i would bet that a lot of them aren't. this would cause a major upheaval in the seanchan ranks, and effectively cripple their ability to expand. combined with the info that suldam can channel, it would be a rot in the corp of damane. even damane from seanchan would start questioning their fundamental assumptions about the need for channelers to be leashed. kind of long and rambling, but hopefully gets the point of what im thinking across. what do you think?
  11. You mean Noel? No. Im wondering if he sneaks in afterward, since he knows how to get in. In Tower of Ghenjei? Did you read this thread at all? and NO. Tower of Ghenjei is 100s of leagues away from Camelyn. Too far for sneaking;) He's snuck into places where he shouldnt have before. I dont think its not just going to be Mat, Thom and Noel going there to Ghenji. In Ghenji, yes, but not to Ghenji. In TGS Matt mentions that Bayle knows where the tower is at, and thus he will show the way.. And do you think that Mat and co. are going to ride all the way to the tower from Camelyn? If its hundreds of leagues it will take weeks to ride there. No. I believe someone will weave a gateway to near the general area and Bayle, along with others, including Olver in my looney theory, will go with them and wait for them outside the Tower of Ghenji. Olver, who knows how to get in the tower (Birgitte told him how and he passed it onto Matt), will then sneak in after Matt. at 20 pages this thread has gotten kind of long, but you should at least skim through it. otherwise you make yourself sound kind of silly.
  12. i don't know. part of the problem is i'm the product of a society that feels it's entitled to whatever it wants, whenever it wants it. part of the problem is i resent the control games publishers like Tor play with these kind of things. (you can read it on this device, but not this one. you can read it yourself, but not have the device read it out loud to you, and if you buy a new device your sol cuz we don't support that format.) this even spills over to the point that in my more honest moments i don't even care anymore about the author/publisher/recording studio/movie producer. i've never really thought of it in terms of book before, but with music and movies and programs, i look for the best product. period. i'm well enough off financially that 10, or 20, or even 100 dollars isn't really a concern in my decision to buy something. the quality of the product is. in my younger ,college, ramen for dinner every night day, before i got a good job i used to pirate all my music. now i buy it all from itunes. not because it's "right", but because it's a better product. it's all organized neatly, and fits right into my collection with all its metadata in place. i'm not buying the music anymore, i can get that for free somewhere else. i'm buying the convenience of a good service. i guess what it comes down to is that respect isn't given it's earned. and if i feel that a publisher is jerking me around that does affect my judgement on it. this does conflict with my respect for RJ and BS and what they have created. i bought a hardcover, and i tried to buy an ebook version. the fact that BS wants me to be able to buy an ebook version, but Tor and "RJ's estate" don't want me to makes me feel kind of like "i tried to play by the rules, but you want to change the game halfway through? well screw you i can get it somewhere else. the most galling thing about this is that i (the legitimate, paying customer) am the only one effected by it. the pirates don't care. pirate copies of the book will be on the web the day after the hardcover release. how is that right? thanks for reading through such a rambling post, but my thoughts are all over the map on this one and i honestly don't know what i'm gonna do. i wouldn't care if i was on the moon! they better rethink the ebook thing, or restart the apollo program. I don't care which, but i'm getting that book!
  13. but that's really the point isn't it? it doesn't exist as e-content. even though i paid for it for delivery on a certain day. not sure how much my own upsetness (i made up a word! ) over that is influencing me here. let me ask it a different way then, if i took my hardcover and scanned it into a pdf format for my own use, would that be "morally" wrong. does my own work product somehow justify what just downloading somebody elses work product wouldn't? not sure i understand that correctly. are you saying you won't be getting the book on Nov. 2? are you insane? it's book 12! Towers of Midnight!?! i don't believe you. NOBODY has THAT much willpower.
  14. i originally started a new thread because i didn't see this one. i looked, but went temporarily brain dead when staring at this thread, so here it is again: i'm curious, with the news that the ebook version of ToM is being delayed for a year, do you think it is wrong to download a pirated copy instead? did you, or will you buy a copy of the hardcover instead/also? supposedly this delay comes "at the request of the authors estate" meaning Harriet? does that influence your decision? personally, i haven't read a paper book in years, and so find myself in somewhat of a dilemma. i ordered a copy of the hardcover, just because it looks nice on my shelf next to the other 11 books, but i also ordered a kindle copy to actually read, but won't be getting it. is it wrong to download a pirated copy online even if i have a hard copy? what do you think?
  15. i read somewhere that he is always connected to the source now. does the guardian even work to shield him now?
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