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  1. The words had barely exited his mouth when the lady sitting next to him abruptly seemed to convulse. Daroth looked over at her for a moment opening his mouth slightly, and saw the bartender turn away with his peripheral vision. Putting his gaze at the bartender's back, he muttered under his breath at his dismissal of the question. "Are you sure you want to go? Reconsider... it is a big decision. I suggest you turn around, lad, and go back to your mommy before you try to join a group like us." Us? Daroth did not think there was such a thing as a female warder, but he did not want to seem foolish in front of one so he just smiled. "You are a warder? Where can I find out..." He trailed off as she began spewing out nonsensical things. Daroth stared at her in awe for a while, questioning the intelligence of speaking with this lady, let alone trusting her. But she was his only contact from the tower at the moment, and if she was telling the truth, it would be unwise to upset her. "If you want to join the tower, then you will be a trainee. Give me ten pushups now, and then give me three reasons for wanting to join the bloody gaidin." Daroth's mouth opened at the order she had barked at him. Push ups..on an inn floor? What an absurd thing, especially with all the people around and bustle, he would probably get kicked in the face. "I am a bloody Tower Guard, and you are a TRAINEE! DO IT! It doesnt matter if i am drunk or not!" Oh what the hell, he thought. Daroth got out of his seat and lowered his body to the floor, rolling his eyes. Easily pushing out 10 of them he got up and stared at her hard in the eyes. "I want to learn how to fight," he touched the hilt of his blade and glanced at it quickly, "and I can't go home..not after I just left like that." His eyes searched the room for anything but contact with hers, "And if I went home, there would be nothing for me there.." Daroth tightened his hands into fists and looked up at her, "I will be a warder one day, with your help or not."
  2. After a long journey through Caemlyn, Daroth found himself at the gates of the great city Tar Valon. He wiped the sweat off his brow and smiled to himself. This was where he planned to make his future, his life; or so he hoped. Daroth walked around in awe at the city, it was everything he had imagined and more. Most of the people wore clothes nicer than any he owned, and the women, more beautiful. Daroth had run into a few people by staring too hard at some of the ladies. Luckily the men had only muttered under their breath before moving on, giving Daroth only a sparing glance which he was grateful for. Daroth walked about the city all day, taking it in. He was unaware of the time before the sun started going down. He had wanted to go to the tower today, but it was too late for that now. Tomorrow would be just as well as today, he looked in his weathered pack and pulled a small pouch out. A small jingling lit his face up, he would have more than enough to pay for a place to stay tonight. Strapping his pack back on, he shoved the pouch in a pocket, keeping a tight hold on it. Daroth asked a young man where he could find the nearest inn, and smiled cheerfully as the boy pointed just across the street. Crossing it quickly, Daroth entered the inn and went immediately to the bar. His stomach growled hungrily and he noticed it for the first time, he had eaten nothing all day. He sat down next to a lady, and ordered a steak. Daroth chuckled to himself as he looked around, eyeing the band. The steak was gone as quickly as it came, and he wiped his mouth with cloak while looking up at the bartender curiously. “Where would one find more information about joining the Tower, as a warder?â€
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    hey, I'm new here I suppose, so I thought I'd drop a line or two. Any help would be appreciated :)
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