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  1. I keep wondering what this scene will be like. Maybe something this.. -Rand gathered the small Aes Sedai up in fierce hug, her feet dangling a full pace off the ground as he swung her around. " How?" he stammered, voice thick with emotion."- Maybe not though. His first emotion will probably be suspicion. Of course, if he thinks of Mat during the rescue then he may know it's really her but something tells me that the whole color-swirl thing will not work when Mat is in the TOG
  2. I loved the scene, where in my opinion, greandal died. I know many people may have wanted a more elaborate death but I feel like Sanderson was just keepin it real. If I had the worlds most powerful weapon and got solid intel on the location of a dangerous enemy, I'm nukin them swiftly from afar. Thats just war. If we had intel today on which cave Osama was in, we'd do the same thing. It wouldn't be a glorious, exciting end to his life, just the end. And now the war goes on. Loved that scene! After taking out the fortress, I would have had Rand say, "Who else wants some bit#*@s?!" Of course th
  3. Honestly, at this point they could call it " Balony on Rye" And I'd still buy it!...and the prologue....and the paperback....and whatever else they tell me to! ;D seriously though, cool title although it does make me draw comparisons to LOTR being the second novel referring to towers and all.
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